Disapprove Texas' Abortion Law (TX SB8) from Corrupting America

Disapprove Texas' Abortion Law (TX SB8) from Corrupting America

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Texas Bill (TX SB8) Violates Human Rights Across America

In general, the Texas law advocates and implements a dangerous disregard, and disarming thereof, to human rights—such as:

  1. The "human right" to access and fully enjoy the U.S. Constitution; and-
  2. The "human right" to access and fully enjoy in its State, and amongst the other States of the Union, freedom from the invasion of domestic violence;

Why I, You, and We Care

The right to "preventative family planning means and instruments", is both medically-necessary and spiritually-necessary at every level—for the integrity of America. It is not the right of a select few politicians, or any politician for that matter. 

In relevant part, the Texas Bill states "any person", at Sec. 171.208, may "bring a civil action against any person who: (1) performs or induces an abortion in violation of this subchapter;  (2) knowingly engages in conduct that aids or abets the performance or inducement of an abortion, including paying for or reimbursing the costs of an abortion through insurance or otherwise, if the abortion is performed or induced in violation of this subchapter, regardless of whether the person knew or should have known that the abortion would be performed or induced in violation of this subchapter; or (3) intends to engage in the conduct described by Subdivision (1) or (2)."  This is a full problem for America, because you and your friends, family, companies, and others are now under threat of civil action.

We, the People of the United States of America, may not all agree if abortion is good or not good for people (just as some do not agree that cigarettes and video games may not be beneficial to people); yet America must allow and approve unabridged access and enjoyment to abortion (for men and women) pursuant to U.S. Bill of Rights regardless if a heartbeat is at 0-weeks or greater under the universal 24-week limit (see: Kaiser Family Foundation, States with Gestational Limits for Abortion).  Abortion prevents domestic abuse/violence, even when you or others may not agree exactly on what constitutes "domestic" and "abuse", or "violence".

The Texas Bill, along with others proposed or engaged, act as agents of nefarious encroachment to privacy, spirit, and liberty. Such encroachment goes beyond Texas, and into every state because of the broad term "any" and unlimited nature of the term "person".

WE MUST STOP STATES AND FRAUDULENT POLITICIANS (INCLUDING THEIR POLITICAL IDEAS) FROM COLONIZING MALE CHOICE AND WOMEN'S BODIES.  Men and women have an equal right to withdraw from family planning and/or development, whether or not by abortive efforts or other legal means in the State of Texas of elsewhere in America.

Our Solution

PEN IT IN LAW AND PRACTICE — We want you and companies that support people exercising their human rights, at least in America and abroad, the following:

  1. To support this petition with your signatures and advocacy;
  2. To fund, in cash U.S. Dollars, our costs of establishing and administering an effective Legal Claim & Defense Fund project, to protect those persons from politicians and vigilante citizens against human rights/abortion opportunity and the technological/innovative efforts to advance family planning for all people.
  3. Together, we can ensure that the U.S. legal code shall protect the domestic policy of liberty, in abortion rights.

We, both men and women, deserve the right to have a permanent political and healthcare right to use and enjoy the U.S. Constitution's Amendments power for family planning and family planning defense.

If We Do Nothing, America Fails

Our loss as American citizens, due to laws like the Texas Bill and others, means people will miss time from work or lose their valuable jobs because politicians seek to monetize (at least $10,000 per civil claim) off of abortion matters-instead of save lives and protect people's wellness on their jobs.  Allowing Texas to engage in such practice in Texas and across America, may stifle or further hinder our economy.

Our Respect for Others

We respect others with the facts, not merely words.  We respect others with actions, not idle ideology.  If you were born after 1970, you were entitled by Roe v. Wade, with a confirmed right to choose how you plan and develop your family.  You have the choice to create a family, or not create a family.  Some politicians choose to make children, while others choose to protect the decision when to and whenever not to make a family.  It is up to you, not the State of Texas, to govern your family and make decisions independently.  It is time to respect abortion as a lifestyle right and technological innovation.

"Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future." - John F. Kennedy

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