Diaper Changing Station in Every Public Restroom for Men and Women

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I am a first time Mom of a 4 month old baby boy. Over the past 4 months I have discovered very quickly that there are no government regulations requiring changing tables in public restrooms. I have traveled to several resorts, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions over the past several months and have discovered time after time that restrooms are not always equipped with proper changing stations. This past week alone, I was in Palm Beach, we went to 2 different restaurants while on the island, neither had changing stations forcing me to either change my babies diaper on the dirty floor of the bathroom or go outside to my hot vehicle and change his diaper there. We also went to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge while on our trip to only discover no changing station in the restroom next to the quick service food location. The staff suggested I go up a story to the restrooms in the lobby as there was a changing station available there. I’ve had countless occasions that my husband try’s to change the baby’s diaper but there is no changing table in the men’s restroom, only the women’s restroom. These are problems that I run into daily. While the BABIES Act was signed into effect in 2016, this Act does not help most parents on a daily basis, this act only regulates proper changing stations in government buildings. I fully believe this law needs to be expanded to cover all public restrooms should be required to have atleast 1 changing station in each restroom, both men and women’s restrooms. This is a basic necessity to any parents with young children, a changing station is not a luxury item, it is a tool needed for young children and parents, it’s just as important as a toilet or sink in a restroom. These items are not overly costly and I believe changing stations should be looked at as an ADA required item. 

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