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Destroy the source of #illegal #heroin and #opium grown in Afghanistan Obama ignores this

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In 2009 15% of the worlds supplyof illegal heroin opium and morphine came from the poppy fields of Afghanistan. Since then that figure has topped 93% that rise has coincided with the U.S. giving the Afghans Billions in subsidies for the Poppy growers. President Obama and Hillary Clinton have had the opportunity to greatly reduce or even stop the amount of those drugs being smuggled out of that country. Part of the hundreds of billions of dollars which is made from the smuggling and selling of these illegal drugs is undoubtedly being funneled to the radical terrorist groups with whom we are in conflict. We still have the chance, with some boots on the ground to assure the eradication of the source of those deadly drugs, which can be considered "Weapons of Mass Destruction. Millions have died in just the last few years from the use of those drugs. A few years ago Mr Obama a Hillary Clinton ok'd the sending of 3 billion dollars to educate and fund an agricultural program in Afghanistan to show the farmers how to grow more productive crops. The farmers put that knowledge to grow more of the poppy plants from which heroin, opium and morphine are derived. In addition to stopping the growing and exporting of those drugs, the number of illegal aliens who bring those drugs into the U.S. across the Mexican border would be extensively reduced, as well as cutting down on the other crimes commuted by the drug user to fund their habits. More info can be found at It is your sworn duty to act and investigate the reasons for the lack of action in this matter. For those reading this, please take the time to read the above link and consider if the action we propose is something you would consider supporting Thank You William Liam Tomsk

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