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Demand Net Neutrality as a Constitutional Right.

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Make Net Neutrality a constitutional right!

Net Neutrality is wanted universally among the people, it benefits everyone. Almost everything is done on the internet these days. People's lively hoods hinge and revolve around the internet. One reason for this is that it has always been a fair and level playing field filled with equal opritunity. However, a few greedy individuals stand to gain a fortune by destroying that fair and level playing field.

Every couple years we have to fight for Net Neutrality. They keep trying to get laws enacted to destroy Net Neutrality through persistence and/or attempting to slip under our radar, knowing that eventually we will let our guard down.

Chairman Ajit Pai announcing a vote on a plan to end net neutrality as soon as November 22 is extremely deceptive and manipulative. Announcing this plan/vote only days before Thanksgiving knowing many elected officials will be out on holiday.

We can keep fighting these small battles every couple years, but we WILL eventually let out guard down, they WILL eventually slip these laws past us.

Or we can make one big fight right now, and secure Net Neutrality as a constitutional right.

Freedom is a constitutional right. Our country was built on the idea of free enterprise, freedom of speech, Net Neutrality embodies these ideas. No one owns the internet. Corporations don't have the right to gate keep content and sites.

The internet blossomed out of freedom, it was so nice to experience true freedom. I hope future generations might get to experience it too. Don't let a few corporations take that away from us.

Make Net Neutrality a constitutional right!

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