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Demand FBI Work for the People to Stop Corruption, starting with Philadelphia.

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Stop political corruption and start with Philadelphia because the evidence is available and Philadelphia has always been one of the worst offenders throughout history.   Ask the FBI to put citizens first and make stopping corruption in local government a priority.  Make Philadelphia the model project for cleaning up local government.   

More and more crimes and abuses are being directed toward American citizens. I know there are a lot of good meaning FBI and police and people in the justice system that really want to protect us, but they need our support in standing against the corruption taking over the very essence of our Rights and what it means to be an American citizen. This petition is about enlisting the FBI, the police, and whistleblowers in standing strong for the protection of citizens against government corruption.

I am a citizen and middle age woman. In 2006, after I raised my children and put myself through school, I bought my first house, a simple end rowhouse in the Mt Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia.  I was happy and knew I had worked hard at being a mother and doing well at school. Like many women, I struggled alone with many things and was getting a late start at life, but felt good that I had graduated from school and now had my own small home. 

That dream, hard work, and my health were destroyed when Philadelphia City Council, Mayors, District Attorney, City Planning colluded with favored developers and approved the development of a contaminated old rail and coal yard and other industry built over a creek.  Philadelphia officials, on the highest levels, allowed years of illegal and substandard construction four feet from my home and surrounding. Soon I was homeless, extremely ill from hazmat, illegally dumped chemicals, made another statistic of Environmental Injustice and made the free target of any kind of crime anyone wanted to do to me. 

I did not understand anything about local corruption and I rightly reported the problems to every level of Philadelphia City Government.  I believed they would correct their crimes.  My doctors also sent notes to the officials to remove me from house to safety and provide information for medical treatment of substances that injure and kill. These are felonies, a crime.  If I was to poison someone, I would be in jail. It is not a civil matter or a "de-regulation."

I was not only ignored, but I soon found Philadelphia officials and leadership was retaliating against me by denying my safety, lying and spreading false rumors.  I have heard from 1,000's of people across the country whose lives have been brutally destroyed and even killed by the retaliation crimes of local governments, the justice system, police and those who make money from greed based scams that harm innocent citizens. Children to seniors have been targets of these tactics of an increasingly corrupt system.

Every single target of retaliation that I met or heard from, has been called crazy. This is called "political abuse of psychiatry" and many lose their lives and all civil rights by these heinous tactics, which are crimes. Dangerous use of forced drugging and lock up destroy and kill lives. I was lucky because I had studied psychology and ethics and figured out the laws, but they tried very hard to lock me up.  The first lie and rumor about me were from an elected official on election day with his name on the ballot. I knew I was vulnerable because I was a woman and alone, plus I was suffering the effects of lead and mercury and increasingly frightened as I found out that not a single person was going to help me.  

I knew I was not wrong about the haz mat and chemicals, so I did a lot of investigation and found a lot of evidence and even confessions that the site was contaminated. I collected many violations and records to prove I was not crazy, but they didn't care.  They wanted me eliminated and years of increasingly traumatizing crimes, assaults, sex abuses, mobbing, and violations were deliberately done to me, led by the top officials of an entire city, Philadelphia.  I nearly died and have been in hospital many times for severe PTSD caused by their crimes and abuses. I was essentially homeless from 2006 to 2013.       

Philadelphia officials never listened to me and they repeated their mistakes when there was a demolition accident on Market Street and several very good and very loved people,  died on June 5, 2013. I watched in horror as the mayor and other city officials lied to the nation "that Philadelphia did not know much about demolition."  I have stacks of notes and codes and meeting transcripts collected at meetings with city officials about demolition safety codes and brownfields.  The trauma of seeing those people needlessly die and the Philadelphia government continue to lie and take zero responsibility for their own crimes sent the PTSD out of bounds and I had to go to the hospital again. 

Recently, the District Attorney Seth Williams was arrested by the Feds for bribery and other crimes, but I have a long history with Seth Williams and his closest friends, who pitched the project and were leads in the retaliation crimes against me.  However, the FBI has not listed any of these crimes in Seth Williams indictment. I am not the only one whose life has been destroyed by his actions. I'm not the only one with evidence. 

I have contacted the FBI, even before the Market Street deaths.  They ignore me too.   If they had not ignored me, the people at Market Street could still be alive. The government seems so involved in their own dramas and schemes that they do not have time for us, the people, and we are dying and suffering more and more because the government is more interested in their own games and schemes then the people. 

The American people are growing more and more aware of our lost America and we want our country back, free of corruption and eliminate criminal leadership that willingly, intentionally and heartlessly destroys our lives and our country.  

Please sign this petition and if you are a target, please share a bit of your story if you feel safe. The more we speak out, the safer our country will be.  Support each other and work in unity and goodwill toward all.  

Thank you,

Margaret Motheral


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