Demand a Livable Minimum Wage

Demand a Livable Minimum Wage

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Make corporations pay more minimum wage than small businesses.

Base Minimum Wage for corporate employees on the average cost of a studio apartment in the county that they work. Make Minimum Wage three times the average cost of the cheapest option for where to live.

The concept of minimum wage is simple. It is the minimum amount a company is allowed to pay employees. 

It was originally designed as a way to make sure that companies were required to allow access to a proper quality of life to everyone.

It was designed to protect the average citizens from the rich and powerful.

It was supposed to be a one step fix that would work for every business and it has been proven at this point that it is an absolute failure.

Nowhere in this country can someone afford to live on minimum wage. Nowhere will it pay for both rent and food. 

The purpose of minimum wage is that it is the minimum that a person can make and actually survive and its purpose was forgotten long ago.

It was a great concept, with a horrible execution and management. So I have a change to propose.

Anyone who has ever tried to rent an apartment knows the commonly held belief that your wages should be three times the cost of your rent. This is the equation that we should be basing minimum wage off of.

Minimum wage should not be determined state to state, that allows for far too much variance and doesn’t give an accurate picture of how much people actually need.

Minimum wage should vary from county to county. Minimum wage should be three times the average cost of a studio apartment in that county. That is typically the cheapest option for housing, therefore it makes sense that it be the minimum.

The major problem with this is small business. They can’t afford as much as giant corporations and this proposal alone would put them out of business. They would be forced to raise prices on products to make up for the cost of workers and they wouldn’t be able to survive.

This too has an easy answer. Corporations over a certain volume of employees (500 or 1000) are required to pay employees more than small businesses. In other words, there are two different versions of minimum wage.

We don’t even have to change anything for this, we can just allow small businesses to continue paying the minimum wage that they are already used to, with the same rules it has always had.

Giant corporations won’t be as profitable. The people at the top will no longer be able to hoard as much money as they currently do. They will still have the ability to sell things for less than the small business, but since it costs them more to run their business it will level the playing field.

There are certainly things that will need to be considered, problems that will arise that I am not qualified to solve. But that doesn’t make the idea wrong, it just means it needs to be developed further by a professional.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!