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Death penalty for child molesters

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I care about this topic deeply because I love the children so much! If I could raise all of the babies and children in the world I would! Especially if I could just know that all of them could grow up in a loving and safe environment! I  believe that all children deserve to grow in safe and healthy environments and they have the RIGHT to their health and safely. 

If someone violates that right, especially against someone who cannot defend themselves, that person should no longer have rights. We should not waste another cent or resource on the person who violated those rights. 

I believe that the death penalty should be put into place for every person over the age of 14 who violates these rights for anyone under the age of 10. This would include inserting Any object into any orifice of the child in a harmful way to the child. It will also include death penalty for any adult over the age of 18 who engages in any sexual acts with any objects in any orifices of any child 14 or younger. 

I would also like to bring attention to the pornography industry. They need to start being held accountable for the child pornography that is accessible. For any person found with child porn. They should automatically get 30 years in prision for anything found either on their computers or websites.

Any person who is found with intent to leave the county to molest a child, will be put in prison for 30 years with the general population. Any person who has been found molesting a child outside of the United States, should be given the death penalty upon returning to the United States.

The costs? There should not be any special treatment for these people. They should be in prison with the general population and they should not be on death row for years. 

The families of the victims should have the  first option as to if they want to be the ones to shoot the perpetrator. If they decline, others will be allowed to volunteer. 

Any person who has harmed a child molester should not be held accountable for any wrongdoings. Any person who has killed a child molester should face no time in jail but they can be offered the job of following through with the implementation of the death penalty for these offenders.

My hopes for these measures is that no person will ever be harmed because of it. I would wish that people would realize that there are serious consequences to their actions and that no child would ever be harmed again. 

The justice system in the United States is becoming a world wide joke. A 16 year old boy just raped a two year old on video and made it clear that he had intentions to rape a 3 year old boy after this and he got zero jail time!!!!!! This is completely unacceptable and we need to defend our precious gifts!!!!! We need to stop the sickness!!!!!! It is so backwards for people to get jail time for smoking weed, but yet the most evil and wicked thing, harming a child who cannot defend them self, gets no  punishment!!!! If you take someone's rights to live a safe, healthy life, you should have no more rights.  People need to learn to have self control and know that there are serious consequences if they do not.


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