Create a culture of Mathematics

Create a culture of Mathematics

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Dustin Etts started this petition to President of the United States and

Mathematics in the United States of America falls well below global standards.  As mathematics are the core of all modern logic in every field, I believe it is time that we prioritize excellence in Mathematics in American culture. 

Language and Mathematics are the two core pieces of knowledge that are applicable to all fields from the arts to sociology, economics and management, and all varieties of STEM. Current approaches in our educational system leave mathematics misunderstood.  Having a passion in mathematics is even discouraged in our culture, something that should be abhorrent in a country with such a history of innovation.

Many American's have even carried this distaste towards math and science into their adulthood, resulting in scenarios where even badly falsified reports with extremely skewed data is easily accepted.

The answer to this problem is not to simply tell people over and over again to "trust the science". For trust to exist, the basis of trust requires at least a minimal understanding of why science can be trustworthy. The most advantageous method to establish such trust, which would simultaneously grant immense value to the individual, would be through math.

For many years, educators have tried to get children in K-12 to reach higher levels of mathematics through refining the quality of education.  However, our current culture undercuts those educator’s efforts, by discouraging the kids from placing effort into those classes. The means by which to cure this current negative portion of our culture, we need to treat mathematics as it should be in the modern day.  In a similar way to how we treat the spoken language to convey emotion.

Math is a necessary tool to properly interpret the world around us, and people of all ages should have the opportunity to be educated on it as such without financial or stressful pressure being placed upon them in the process. Mathematics is the native language of logic just as the spoken word is the native language of emotion.

The answer to this problem cannot be to force more stress onto our children.  We should be taking at least some of the stress onto ourselves, so that we all can contribute towards helping our children understand the world.

We should set up mathematics classes for adults of all ages, with a focus on our younger adults. For this is setting up the success of future generations through those young adults and the children they will raise to take the reins of the country.

The Department of Education should provide incentives for adults to participate and succeed, and provide an inclusive and beneficial atmosphere where education in mathematics is reinforced. This new initiative could enlighten young Americans on the various ways in which they can benefit from the mathematical education they are receiving.

Don't just teach the math, but teach an overview of how math is used in various applications from the lowest calculations to the highest tier applications. These applications are the bedrock for our current understanding of the physical universe as it is today; it allows us to recreate it from a logical standpoint. Teach that it is the language of logic, and its power is unlimited. 

Many underprivileged young adults, especially those having families early on, would be able to use their math foundations as a springboard, to go into any field they desire without the fear of failing or not comprehending.  Mathematics and logical reasoning is by far the biggest hurdle most people face in trying to go into higher education. 

Even a majority of trades utilize skills derived from high level math regularly, and could make use of such skills to enhance their work. A better educated workforce does not equate to trade jobs disappearing and being replaced.  With a better educated population, we can simply switch over to a hybrid system, where people have multiple skill sets and therefore can spend a reasonable division of hours working and innovating.

With many people innovating and collaborating on issues and simultaneously coming to an understanding of the difficulties of trade work for the hardworking American, progress can occur at a much more rapid rate. Progress for ALL Americans, without leaving the working class behind. By enabling time for a balance of productive labor and innovative thinking, the working class become more active contributors to the American evolution.  Their contributions to innovation comes with the innate reward of having a part in something bigger than the mundane day to day work.

And this does not beget a more rigorous and back-breaking education system to try and force youth to meet the standard their parents do not understand. Rather it promotes a more gradual process which allows for people to grow continuously in mathematics and logical thinking regardless of age. A focus on mathematics can contribute to sustainable economy with a growth-based standard of living. After all the discipline of mathematics has existed as the core of logic for millennia.

We need a change in the way we educate ourselves and the way we treat one the topic of mathematics.  And the only way I see forward is through a widespread push for math education through the entire population.

I don't want to see America continue to fall behind the rest of the world. Ignorantly claiming 'we are the best', without proving that ourselves, will not change anything. Perhaps what I'm proposing is not the best, ideal and most complete solution, but at least I believe it is valid in its foundation and is worthy of exploring.  I know this is by no means a complete plan in and of itself, but a call to action needs support before a realistic plan could possibly be established based on the resources available.

Many programs already exist which can be utilized as a foundation to push this. Such as the widespread online courses through esteemed colleges and universities, and could be rapidly scaled up. There are existing in-person courses both in and out of college campuses. 

Simultaneously, as time passes with this project in action, we will be able to gradually improve in-person courses. Doing so in proportion to the benefit received by the students who received an education through it, to eventually ensure that all American people who desire such an education in mathematics, will receive an education of the highest caliber.

I imagine an America where math is esteemed, it is discussed in the coffee shops and the zoom meetings as a topic of interest not dread. Survey statistics, charts and graphs make sense to every stakeholder, and every parent can help their children of all ages through homework. What a simple, logical approach. Over the few years we paid people to stay home, we paid them to get vaccinated… now it is time to pay them to get educated!

I am convinced there are many Americans who share this idea of a possibility towards a better future with me, as will be represented in this petition.  Mr. President, and everyone, let’s launch an initiative of logic for a better America. 

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