Congress should forfeit 100% of their pay and benefits during a government shut down.

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Stop the Government from using the passing of the budget for political grand standing. It doesn’t matter if your political party is  republican, democrat or independent when the government shuts down the only people that suffer are the American people. The military and other government workers shouldn’t go without pay during a shut down caused by Congress not compromising and working together. While Congress still gets paid like nothing happened.

When the government gets shut down because they can’t pass a budget, NO one in Congress should get paid during the shut down. They should NOT get back pay when it is finally resolved. To be clear all congress including the President and Vice President should lose 100% of their salary and benefits during the government shut down with no chance to get that money back. All the money that should have went to their salaries during that timeframe will be put towards the national debit. 

The only people effected and that permanently loses their salary are the ones who caused the problem, Congress.

All other government workers including the military will get back pay for this time period. 

Please support this petition and let’s make the government work together to pass a budget or they can suffer their lost of salary during the government shut down they caused. If they do their job there shouldn’t be a government shut down.

Congress still should lose all pay and benefits during the government shut down even if they pass a temporary solution while still working on the final solution. Only when the final budget is passed they will start getting paid their Salaries again. All money that wasn’t paid during the shut down for Congress will still go towards the national debit.


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