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Clemency for my father Marc Foster: serving life in prison for a non-violent drug offense.


My father, Marc Foster was convicted in 2001 of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and sentenced to life in prison because of two prior convictions.  Even though my father had already served his time for the two prior convictions it did not matter because he was considered a career criminal.  So its like he was being sentenced twice for one crime.

The year my father was sentenced I was a freshman in high school.  Growing up with my father not physically around made me angry and I could not understand it.  I knew very little about my father’s case, I did not even know how much time he had to serve because he tried to protect me. Thirteen years later I am now a 27-year-old college graduate currently pursuing my Masters degree in Social Work and I give a lot of credit to my father. Although he is not here physically I speak to him regularly and he offers me as much guidance as possible.  He tells me every chance he gets how proud he is of me and I admire how strong he is. He has also taught me to forgive people for mistakes they make and how important it is to spend my time wisely because it is something you cannot get back. 

My father acknowledges that he made some bad choices in life, thinking that they were his only choices. He believes “men and women that have survived bad choices are needed in this world to help change the direction that our youth are headed”. My father tries to give back as much as he can, he is currently an active member in church and he preaches every Sunday and also is involved in teaching other inmates.

Please sign my petition asking President Barack Obama and Pardon Attorney Deborah Leff to grant my father, Marc Foster petition for clemency. He has paid his debt to society. I don’t want to see him die in prison. I pray that one day I will get the chance to watch him grow old at home with me, and the rest of our family.

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