Clemency for Michael Chancellor Serving 15 Years 6 Months for POT

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Michael Chancellor has served over 4 1/2 years of a 188 month sentence for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana. 

In 2013, Michael was arrested for "conspiracy" charges and accepts full responsibility for what he did.  However his sentence was hefty due to federal minimum mandatory laws.  Michael has used his time while incarcerated to gain certifications in several areas, and has had model inmate conduct.  He was moved last year to a federal camp due to having no infractions since he has been in prison.  Michael is currently working on becoming a certified fitness trainer, something he has grown and learned about while being in prison.     

If Michael is given a second chance he plans to mentor not only the boys in his immediate family but also young men who are at risk of offending.  Michael wants to share his story with others in hopes someone else will take his lead and prevent going to prison themselves.  Michael is loved by so many because of his genuine personality and love for others.  His support system is strong and ready to help him re-entry society.  You can read Michael's profile on the Can Do Clemency top 25 Deserving men to receive clemency.

Please help by signing this petition and ask President Trump to grant Michael Chancellor's clemency.