Clemency for Glenn Early

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My brother Glenn is a 63-year-old former Chicago business owner and army veteran, serving a 30 year federal prison sentence as a first time, non violent drug offender. He has served over 21 years of his sentence and has a projected release date of May 4, 2018 when he will be 68 years of age. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer and is now housed at taxpayer expense at a government medical complex. 

In 1992, Glenn was convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine after drugs were found in a a storage building that he sub-leased. Based on that and the testimony of a paid informant, he was found guilty and sentenced to 396 months (33 years) in prison. Glenn has always maintained the he is innocent and knew nothing about drugs being kept in the storage building, but even if the government's claims were true, this draconian sentence is an abomination.

While in prison, Glenn's family has had to go on without him. Our mother passed away while he was behind bars. Glenn is not a threat to society and not that he has been diagnosed with cancer, we feel he should be released.

His only option is to be granted clemency by President Obama and the U.S. Pardon Attorney. In January of 2014 the U.S. Department of Justice announced that they are seeking more petitions for clemency of nonviolent drug offenders. We are hopeful that if we show them that enough people support Glenn returning home, he will receive clemency. 

We hope you will sign our petition to President Obama asking him to return my brother Glenn to his family and friends.