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Clemency for Anthony Dellis Spencer, 30 year sentence for a non-violent drug offense.

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 Petition to Donald Trump, President of The United States of America

Subject: Clemency for a Non-violent Drug Offender

Anthony Dellis Spencer is a non-violent drug offender, convicted and sentenced to 30 years imprisonment in a Federal Correctional Institution for the manufacture and distribution of a controlled substance (meth.) He was a small-time operator, not connected to drug cartels or organized crime.

Was his conviction just? Yes. But his sentence was harsh. Had he been convicted of the same crime today, he would have received a lesser sentence.

We the undersigned, are petitioning clemency by way of reducing the prison term, or by way of pardon, for in the 14 years he has served of his term, he has been a model prisoner with no history of violence, has learned and became accomplished in skills available, taken educational courses, one of which led to his becoming a certified paralegal. However because of injury sustained during surgery on one of his eyes which took place during his incarceration, his work opportunities have been affected.

Anthony has learned by sad and hard experience, the folly of making bad choices. The consequences were not worth the grief he has caused himself, his aging parents and his siblings, the loss of his wife, family and home, the incalculable damage to persons involved with his drug dealings, and his loss of standing in the community and in his Church. During his incarceration, his 3 daughters married and between them brought 8 children into the world. He became a grandfather who has never seen his grandchildren nor held them in his arms. Is he sorry for what he has done? Definitely! He is trying to make amends - to them, and to repay his debt to society.

Can he make it outside if released? Yes! Anthony just turned 55 years old and is a whole lot wiser. He is a hard worker, and has always been. He has prepared for that day and we the undersigned will help him until he can get on his feet. He has a home with his parents to come home to, educational programs to help released prisoners and job opportunities.

Consider rape, child molestation, murder and torture.  My son has served long enough for his non violent offense.

We have great hope that you will find it in your heart to forgive him and grant him clemency.

We remain, his supporter and yours,

Orlo K. Spencer - Father
Jenet W. Spencer - Mother
Michael S. Spencer - Brother
Marlena Spencer Bellon - Sister
Kaelynne Spencer McGhee - Sister

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