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Child Support Reform Now!!!!!

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I know alot of people who can't afford all there bills because Child support is taking half of there checks and then they are expected to have enough money to pay bills and still buy stuff for there child when they are in their care and be able to provide all the transportation, birthdays, Christmas.

I'm am daily stressed out over worring if I'm gonna have enough money to pay all my bills. They garnish wages and take taxes leaving us with scraps. This is really bad for quality of life and there are father's out there that are committing sucide Because they can't make ends meet and no one even​ knows what's happening.

Then there are loop holes like daycare. I pay 200$ in support a month and 200$ for daycare that my daughter is not even attending everyday. I make 9.25$ an hour trying to piece my life back together after being in recovery for 3 years. I'm also in alot of debt. The friend of the court does not care if I have to lose my apartment and my job. So I have to get government assistance to buy food. Alot of jobs won't allow employees to work over 39 hrs because of overtime. I'm also in treatment for my liver and last year I was sick and had to miss 2 weeks of work. It's already hard enough living check to check.....

Please..We need to do something about this....The children only receive 66% and the 34% goes to welfare recomp. They say it's suppose to be a way to pay back cash assistance, however, I have to receive food stamps Because there is not enough money. My last check stub was 266$ for two weeks..35 hrs a rent is 454$.Then I pay for health insurance so I can get my health back in order. We need this to stop!!!!.

It is against our 14th Amendment :No state shall enforce any law which  abridge the Privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of Life, Liberty, or Property, without due process of law; nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. Due process means a right to a jury trial of your peers. And when you go in front of the referee they are biased because they are paid by the court.

There's not enough money to even pick up my child for parenting time and I'm forced to live without being able to take care of myself. The struggle is real. Please help me help everyone in this country to fight for our Constitution Rights they are violating!!


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