Environmental UPGRADE: The way we farm is NOT sustainable

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Due to irresponsible farming practices executed throughout the centuries our soil is suffering. As of 2017 out of 100% of active land on earth, only 44% is available for cultivation while the remaining 56% has become a deserted wasteland that has been stripped of nutrients. The use of fertilizers, while slowing down the effects of desertification and erosion, is not a permanent solution. We are threatening biodiversity throughout the world with monocultures, and the run off from the pesticides and fertilizers being used on the crops are entering our water and poisonging large populations. Soil degradation also effects climate change which is a very real issue that cannot be ignored. By upsetting the balance in our soil, we are upsetting the entire delicate system of our world as we know it. 

This cannot continue. 

I propose that the US government and the United Nations work together in further researching and funding ways for farmers to stop using soil as the only means of farming. It is unrealistic to expect that farmers will shift to a new form of farming all at once, but we need to begin making a switch. The best method of unconventional farming is though the use of aquaponics. This will allow us to plant certain fruits and vegetables without the use of soil. This will eliminate the threat of run off, eliminate the use of pesticides, and is estimated to produce 2x the yield of vegetables in the same amount of time as regular conventional farming methods. This will give us time to reserect the soil we have lost due to desertification on a global scale.

If we continue to mistreat the land the way we have been for centuries, then there will be nothing left for future generations. Please sign this petition for a brighter tomorrow.

For more information on aquaponics and it's benefits: