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change the laws for all sexual predators, murderers & abusers of minor children.

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    There are too many offenders, predators & abusers that are getting off with just a slap on the hand. All you ask of them is the promise to register and stay away from children. It is not working, everyday there are more children that come up missing, molested, abused and hurt in the most heinous way. It is all too often that these offenders are getting off with very little if any punishment at all. Many of them are or have absconded and are out there undetected searching for the next victim. This has got to stop.

  People who abuse children know that nothing will be done because our CPS fails to look into reports of abuse of children properly. The sexual offenders who have done this to these precious babies get to walk free while the children and familes suffer. There are so many precious children who do not survive their attacker, those that do survive suffer until they can find some kind of inner peace, either way there is someone left behind suffering from something that can be stopped, or at least slowed down. 

 You as the President of the United States of America have the ability to make the punishment for these crimes more strict.

 Harsher punishment should be implemeneted for such heinous crimes against these innocent little children. Offenders, murderers, & abusers do not deserve to be protected in jail because of a crime they committed. The system is weak, and contiues to fail to prosecute these crimes to the fullest of its ability. Once a person has been jailed & apon conviction they should NOT be released back out into public. There is not enough money to pay enough manpower to track these sick individuals once released back out into public because they promise to be good. You CANNOT guarantee that any state can keep track of these people. However you CAN guarantee once convicted and behind bars that they stay there.

  This proposed petition would require an immediate death penalty, life behind bars no possibilty of parole, and/or castration of the offender after they are found guilty. In exchange for the insanity plea there would be a life sentence without parole. In cases like these there is no such thing as insane while you take the life of your child. While some states do not support the death penalty the other forms of punishment would be implemented.

 For the parents or persons who have admitted to physically harming a child, but refuse to talk and give the information as to where the child has been placed. Is immediately unable to take any kind of plea agreement in exchange for leading to where the body is. In turn for this as it shows that they are well aware of their actions leads to the signing of their death warrant. But must still lead LE to the place where the child or children are. For a possible life without parole sentence. 

 People who choose to hurt our precious children do not deserve mercy. Children cannot defend themselves against an adult there are no excuses for letting these people bond out of jail where another child can be hurt. I pray you help protect our children from those who wish to harm them. 

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