Bring Dr. Barbara Colon back to her home in New York

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Hear her wish in her own words:

My mother, Dr. Barbara Colon, an elderly and disabled retired physician, has been taken to Panama against her will and not being allowed to return home as she wished.  

Barbara Colon has always been a sweet, kind, strong and independent woman.  She put herself through medical school in the 1960's so she could fulfill her dream of helping others.  In 1969 she fearlessly served our country by joining the Army and volunteering to go to Vietnam to help our troops in a time of desperate need. After she returned she continued to work selflessly to help others as a beloved doctor to neighbors in Howard Beach, for NY workers with the Workers Compensation Board, for Army Soldiers at the Ainsworth Clinic in Fort Hamilton Brooklyn, and for US Veterans at the Brooklyn VA Hospital.  

In the past few years she has been severely depressed from becoming physically disabled from spinal degeneration and colon cancer, being affected by Hurricane Sandy and losing her beloved sister shortly after, and having to retire from her profession before her will wanted to.  Now that she is severely limited physically, her mental ability is rapidly declining and she is in need of 24 hour care and close monitoring of her diet and health.  

The worst part of this story is that she is now vulnerable to being taken advantage of and she is.... by her son.

On October 21, 2016, her son, an expatriate with financial interests outside of the US, took her to Panama against her will when I was temporarily disabled and couldn't defend her.  I have been trying to bring her back to her home ever since.  In December 2016, when I demanded she be returned to NY, I was denied the ability to speak to her by my brother and her whereabouts were intentionally kept from me and then I began receiving financial demands from his lawyer who claims to represent her. 

I have the last conversation I had with her on 12/12/16 on audio where she states numerous times that she wants to come home as soon as possible and she is doing nothing in Panama.  I am also extremely concerned because I am told by a witness to her care that she was not given IV fluids after suffering from diarrhea for 2 weeks.  Furthmore, she now hardly speaks which was not her condition when she left or when I last spoke to her. 

Anyone who knows her and was able to speak to her when she was able to, knows she wanted to be in her home in New York where she lived her whole life.  She also has health care coverage, Veteran benefits, and qualifies for Medicaid here in NY.  In 2013 she created a Trust so her remaining years would be comfortable in her home.  Her wishes are now being undermined in her vulnerable state.  

The situation is rapidly escalating as an attempt to change her address has been made which may affect her NY residency status and redirects her mail to an undisclosed location. 

As her Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy and Trustee I have tried to help her return home but I am limited because she is not in the United States.   

Please help me safely extradite Dr. Barbara Colon to the US so guardianship can be established legally, before it is too late! 

Sincerely, Barbara's daughter,

Maria Colon


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