Break the silence!!! - Stop Genocide in Afrin

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SUPPORT AFRIN ! Break the silence!!!

We, Support Rojava Group are calling on the international community to stand behind the Kurdish people. Hold Turkey accountable and Stop Turkey's genocide in Afrin! Break the silence!

Robberies, harassment and rape in Afrin!

Six months have passed since the Turkish state occupied Afrin. In these six months, Turkey has committed the most terrible crimes against the people of Afrin. Houses and historic sites were looted, robberies, harassment and rape were rampant. In addition, people were attacked with banned weapons and civilians were abducted. Forced marriage of women, sale of women in slave markets and condemnation of black dresses. All these practices have been carried out in complete silence by the international community. So I ask, who is the aggressor? Who is a terrorist? Who is the force that defends their land, their homes? The population of Afrin has not carried out any military action against the Turkish state.

Silence and violence:

The international community has said nothing about Turkey's military operation and occupation of Afrin. During the operation, repeated "deep concerns" were expressed but little was done. There was no emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council and neither nation could prevent Turkey. Overall, the international community was involved in the operation of Turkey.

Ethnic Cleaning in Afrin:

During the first days of the operation, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made it clear that his government would move Syrian Arab refugees living in Turkey:

"The whole problem is this: 55 percent of Afrin are Arabs, 35 percent are the Kurds who were later resettled, and about 7 percent are Turkmens. [We aim to return Afrin to its rightful owners .... We accommodate, for example 3.5 million Syrians [as refugees], we want to send them back to their country in no time ... "

Displaced and plundered Civilians :

Seven months after the completion of the Turkish military operation, Afrin remains under Turkish occupation. Thousands of former residents have been displaced and now live outside the region in refugee camps such as the Shahba camps. With no basic needs such as running water and cut off electricity, life is hard for these displaced civilians. They can not return to their homes because the fighters who captured Afrin either destroyed the houses during the invasion process or plundered and occupied them.

Already Killed children and women.:

The offensive has already killed many civilians, where the majority are children and women. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to fly their homes and hundreds have been murdered.

We urge the President of the United States, Donald Trump, the EU and the entire world community to take their responsibilities and act actively to stop Erdogan from the evil deeds of Turkey against Kurdish people.

Yesterday we rescued Kobane and today we will free Afrin together!

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