Break the silence!!! - Stop Genocide in Afrin

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SUPPORT AFRIN We, Support Rojava Group are calling on the international community to stand behind the Kurdish people. Hold Turkey accountable and stop the bombing of Afrin. The United States should use all its influence to prevent and destroy such a catastrophic step. Thousands of civilians and refugees in danger. Turkey launched an air and ground operation against Afrin on Saturday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with Turkey supported jihad groups, al-Qaida has pledged to attack the Kurdish-controlled canton with full force. An attack on the peaceful citizens of Afrin is a blatant aggression against a peaceful and democratically governed region and population. We are against approval USA Russia Syria We demand immediate withdrawal of the Turkish army from Afrin. SUPPORT AFRIN Support Rojava Group SUPPORT AFRIN ROJAVA INFO

Murat Güleryüz
3 years ago