Boycott Nigerian Oil Until she creates State Police to End Herdsmen killing Christians

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Youths across the world are beginning to voice their opinion on a wide range of issues that are important to them. In Nigeria, many believe youths are the last hope to engender change. Killing Innocent Christians across Nigeria by Fulani Herdsmen is a topical issue capable of disintegrating Nigeria and destabilizing West Africa.

Over 1000 Christians have been killed in Nigeria in 2018 alone by Fulani Ethnic and Islamic Herdsmen who get into villages across Nigeria, arrogate private lands to themselves for their cattle and kill inhabitants. This has occurred in a majority of the 36 states. On June 23, over 100 Christians were killed in Plateau State. Recently the Nigerian  security chiefs  (majority of Northern Fulani extraction ) have disarmed citizens across Nigeria while they look the other way as fully armed Fulani Herdsmen kill defenceless innocent christians. The Nigerian leaders have talked about creating a state police force for at least 4 years  now but nothing has been done. Killings have increased more than 50% in the last year alone and continue. Though these killings predates the Buhari Administration, it has worsened several fold and in more widespread areas.

While President Buhari has fought corruption to an extent, some fear that Mr. Buhari (an ethnic Fulani himself and also a member,  of the Cattle Breeders Association- the MIYETI ALLAH) and his security forces gives tacit approval by looking the other way while these killings continue. Often the security forces only show up hours after innocent children, women and men have been slaughtered.

Recently Arabic studies have been introduced in schools, In what some christian leaders fear is an attempt to Islamize the country. Others hold the view that these killings is a modern day Jihad aimed at wiping out christianity as it is in Nigeria with the hope of conquering them and converting them to Islam, a mission begun by Usman Dan Fodio in the1800's but aborted by Middle belt warriors at the time. The Middle belt  christians has suffered many deaths recently also, in what is believed by some as punishment for stopping the Islamic conquest of Nigeria in the 1800's by the Fulani's.

Nigeria is at the brink of an ethnic civil and religious war that could make the Rwandan Genocide small in comparison.

"Never again" is what leaders across the world have said about allowing this kind of   ethnic/religious killings which in the most populous nation on the African continent could be prove devastating.

"Evil thrives when good men do nothing". Do something !  Sign this petition.


The Nigerian Youth Intervention Movement

Taghogho Agarin, MD., MPH.,MBA