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Be a man of your word and put America (not DACA) first, as you promised.

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You promised to put America first. America and DACA are irreconcilably antagonistic and, therefore, cannot both be first. You must choose one or the other.

Choosing DACA is a betrayal of the American people you pledged to place first and leaves no reason to vote for members of Congress who support DACA or a President who signs it into law.

We don't want DACA whether passed by law or illegal edict.

Accordingly, you should stop pursuing "deals" to benefit noncitizens at the expense of citizens who elected you, because we already voted against legalizing Barrack Obama's unconstitutional executive order when we voted against Hillary Clinton.

No matter how Orwellian and repetitive, Media narratives and talking points from far left think-tanks fail in the eyes of reality, because:

  • DACA recipients are not victims; they are privileged to have taken advantage of our generosity by growing up here, benefiting from educational and healthcare systems and our labor force from which they send billions each year to their families outside of the United States in remittances, hurting our economy.
  • Their success here, far from a reason to break our immigration laws, is a good reason to send them back to their country, stronger, smarter and more prepared.
  • It is not a question of helping or hurting DACA recipients; it is a question of hurting Americans by helping DACA recipients. You should have "heart" for Americans.
  • You represent America's interests and no one else's. You should sign into law those measures that enable American dreams and make American great again.
  • There are millions (if not billions) of people in the world suffering from all kinds of issues brought on "through no fault of their own." Like them, DACA recipients are not our problem.
  • As your Attorney General pointed out, "there is nothing compassionate about the failure to enforce immigration laws."
  • How do we know they were brought here as children rather than recent immigrants merely telling us they've been here?
  • Focusing on the plight of the "children," misses this mark; permitting DACA is will incentive more adults to bring their children here "through no fault of their own." You will be worsening the situation for legal immigration as well as current citizens. That is heartless.



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