Ban Sharia Law in the United States

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Ban Sharia Law in the United States

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Currently only seven states in the United States have banned Sharia Law. There is a urgency to have Sharia Law banned in all 50 States. It must be classified as a capital offense felony. With a maximum sentence allowed by law. This petition is meant for the protection of women, children, both gay and lesbians against the discriminatory violence and protection if rights against Sharia Law. There is also issues against the Muslium Brotherhood. There are those who want to bring their customs into our country. Some of these customs are considered criminal in nature. They violate the rights of the most vulnerable and INNOCENT people in our society based upon gender, age and sexual orientation.

It can not be left up to the lower courts in the states to adjudicate cases involving Sharia Law and the Muslim Brothethood. As Sharia Law is a foriegn law which Judge in any court in the United States should be allowed to use in deciding or defending a case against.

There should also be the option for all children who have been mutilated under "Sharia Law" to sue as a victim for damages for pain, suffering, all medical bills, psychological counseling as well as monitary damages.

The IRS shall be the watch dog to collect any and all money thru tax returns to be sent to the victim. The District Attorney shall keep a record along with the DOJ of all home and work addresses, so a writ of execution, abstract can be filed on all bank accounts and employers. If the defendant fails to pay the victim, then thr defendants drivers license shall be revolked and reported to all credit bureaus for non payment. The victim shall not be forced to hunt down the money if she or he receives judgement against the defendant. The defendant shall notify the Probation department and the District Attorney of any changes in status either work or home address. The victims home address shall be kept confidential. The defendant shall file a quarterly income report backed up by documentation with the District Attorney where the case was heard. If the defendant neglects to perform, a warrant for arrest shall be served and carried out by the constable, sheriff, or marshalls office. The defendant shall have a automatic no contact order, never go near the victim. If he does it is automatic jail time of not less then 3 years with a fine not less the $5,000.

Victims when they are attacked, disfigured are permenently disfigured, may face guilt, shame, ridicule mental and physical harm. Mental health counseling sall be provided by the state, country in which they live under victims witness and protection program.

No parent has the right to consent to allow a child under the age of 18 to marriage with an adult. Any parent who violates this shall be reported to the Department of Child welfare and social services as well as law enforcement.   Steps shall made in the best interest of the child. A child under 18 does not have the capasity or maturity to contract or consent. The child is not to go back with the parent until counseling and a plan ensuring the protection for the child is designed.

Sharia Law discriminates and endangers women, children Gays and lesbians. It is subversive to the United States Constitution, It is not a part of Western Law or Culture

Any one in Goverment no matter what title is not to push, guilt shame, bully, discuss, manipulate the American public, towards the inflamotory, discriminatory practice of Sharia Law and Muslium Brotherhood.

Sharia Law, Muslium Brotherhood as it shall be considered wreakless and a matter of treason. The person shall be removed from their goverment position. It endangers our population in the United States. It is a direct contradiction to our laws and freedoms under the United States Constitution. IT IS UNDERSTOOD AND AGREED Goverment works for the people, the people dont work for the Government.

We must ban Sharia Law now because if we dont the protection of women and children will become a crisis. The gay and lesbian community is also at risk under Sharia Law. We cant allow this to become a crisis before we act.  Unless we get ahead of the issue we find ourselves in termiol. This is what this petition is meant to serve.

With the increased refugee population Sharia Law courts are said to of being set up in the United States. We cant allow this. There have been cases of young children who have been viciously raped due to the Cultural indifference of the treatment towards women, children,  gays and lesbians in the Middle East

 Sharia Law allows for the stoning of women, hanging of gays and lesbians mutilation of young girls genitals and rape of babies and young innocent children. It allows for the mutilation of genitalia. This is not a elective surgery of children or women but actual mutilation, breast ironing of young girls to prevent their breast from forming and maturing naturally. This practice may may cause breast cancer.  It also allows for cruelty and beating, mistreatment, abuse of women, alienating their rights, enslaving women, taking away personal choice, which includes monetarily loss and property rights which is against the 19th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Women would return to the dark days of being chattle to men and subservient. Women as property and promotes men to beat their wives. practice polygamy, multipul children without regard to financial care of the child.

ALL public schools who receive federal funds shall be banned from teaching, discussing,handing out pamplets, books in all forms that, discuss or  promote Sharia Law. The same with thr practice muslium brotherhood, and prayer with or without consent of parent. If any teacher is found to violate this, she or he must face disciplinary action or if previous violation exist then subject to termination. Children are sent schools to learn or be indoctrinated into Muslium Brothethood culture or be taught about Sharia Law. Any teacher violating this are to be found negligent and abusive if they are going behind parents backs without consent of the parent to groom young children into the practicing Sharia Law or muslium Brotherhood. No teacher shall suggest,  to any student, classroombof students the nature of discrimination against any child based on race, sex age, sexual orientation.

There is a definate concern we are in the days of liberal Judges who can and may not follow the rule of law or the US constitution but foriegn sharia law.  The Purpose of this petition is to prevent all judges from using any and all forms of foriegn laws in cases related to abuse, death to women, children gays and lesbians. Any cases related to crimes on basis of Sharia Law shall be deemed a capital crime since it is an intentional hanious crime against humanity causing permenent damage by way of physiological and physical harm to a human being. 

All  judges who practices sharia law should recuse from all trials where sharia law and Muslium Brotherhood are at issue. Judges shall remove themselves from the bench before hearing any cases where sharia Law and Muslium Brothethood is a factor.

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This petition had 73 supporters