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Ban CNN from White House Press Briefings Until They Agree Not To Expose Reddit User's Name

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CNN has recently chosen to identify a private citizen who originally posted a GIF of the now infamous tweet depicting President Trump clothes-lining CNN.  In fear of being exposed by the network, this private individual has apologized, deleted much of his online presence, and begged that CNN not expose his identity, both out of fear of the attention and out of fear for his personal safety.  CNN has chosen to NOT to divulge his identity at this time.  They've stated, however, that they "reserve the right to publish his identity' should he fail to continue to display what they believe is an appropriate level of remorse.  

This incredibly brazen act of bullying must not be allowed to stand. 

Put yourself in this man's shoes.  Consider the questionable things you've posted online in jest.  Imagine having a powerful organization like CNN dig into your past and leave you with a looming threat of exposure and potential ruin if they get the impression that you are not sufficiently apologetic for a questionable piece of political satire.  Remember, should they choose to target you, they will have all the power to shape narrative through selective editing and the complete omission of any context.

I call upon the Trump Administration to send a clear message that this will not be tolerated.  

CNN should be banned from White House Press Briefings until they rescind this threat and commit to never exposing this private citizen's name and personal information.  The original poster is in no position to defend himself, and is now reduced to prostrating himself out of fear that he will be targeted.  President Trump must make it known that he will not sit idly by when the privacy and livelihoods of private citizens begin to become collateral damage to a conflict that should be properly confined to the public figures involved.  

For these reasons, I implore the President to ban CNN from all White House Press Briefings until they formally and publicly retract this threat and agree to never target any non-public-figure for engaging in political satire.  

It is my position that CNN's claim that this controversial GIF was an incitement to violence is veritable nonsense that does not even warrant a response. The assertion strains all credulity and is nothing more than a pretense for targeting someone they believe to have made a joke at their expense.  This is simple bullying.

Should CNN choose to expose this person's identity, the Trump Administration should revoke their access indefinitely.  

CNN is a corporation.  They are not "The Press".  Excluding them will not be an attack on the freedom of "The Press".  It will be a justifiable reaction to a powerful corporation targeting a private citizen for political reasons.  Should other news agencies choose to side with CNN's decision to engage in the targeting of this private citizen, so be it.  The public will then know who condones and who condemns CNN's despicable targeting of a private individual.  

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