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Ask the Federal Government to protectJewish students at all Federally funded Universities.

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The FBI reported that there were more Jewish hate crime victims last year than victims of all other religious groups combined.

Nowhere is the problem worse than on college campuses where anti-Semitic incidences are escalating at an alarming rate, fueled by aggressive anti Israel, anti Jewish groups on campuses being allowed to freely and aggressively spread messages of hate. Students are intimidated, threatened, harassed & sometimes the victims of violent attacks for being Jewish, Pro Israel or both. Anti Israel groups, funded by non university organizations are being given free reign to go way beyond their right to free speech & legitimate discussion about Middle East peace, and being allowed to spread propaganda & hate about Israel & Israelis & to intimidate Jewish students.

There are also many incidents of these groups being allowed to attend events on campus to carry out a disruptive agenda whose sole purpose is to shut down any legitimate conversation using facts from both sides and or positive conversation about Israel. 

There is no educational value to allowing aggressive, systematic attacks on students, professors & speakers who are either Jewish or pro Israel. 

Ask the Federal Government to withhold federal student loan & grant money & federal research dollars at any university that does not control students & faculty who harass & intimidate students for being Jewish or pro Israel, & that allows unlimited, perpetual hateful one-sided conversations and demonstrations against Israel, Israelis & Jews in classrooms, clubs, in common areas or anywhere else on federally funded campuses. 

At a time when Jewish cemeteries are being vandalized & JCC's are receiving bomb threats, there should be zero tolerance for allowing hate, propaganda & intimidation against any student of any race or religion and as Jews are the #1 targets of hate crimes in the US according to the FBI, this should certainly apply to them. 

Please sign and share the petition and say NO to hate. 

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