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We demand that the Obama Administration grants Deferred Action for All

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We demand that the Obama Administration issues an immediate executive directive to the US Department of Homeland Security to grant all undocumented immigrants administrative relief through deferred action, which includes a moratorium on deportations and work authorization for all. 

We also demand equal treatment as taxpayers and contributors to the American society.  Eligibility requirements for programs such as Social Security, Affordable Care Act, Pell Grants, and Free Application for Federal Student Aid should be expanded to include undocumented people.

Since its announcement on June 15, 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has granted temporary relief for undocumented youth through a moratorium on deportation and work authorization. While it offers refuge from the fear of deportations and opens up employment possibilities for many, the stop-gap measure is inadequate. DACA only applies to a selective group of undocumented youth who can meet the age, residency, and educational requirements; it excludes newer immigrant youth and our undocumented family members.  DACA currently fails to address the realities of the undocumented community as expansive and family-based. Our family members and all undocumented immigrants who are low enforcement priorities should be granted deferred action.

While comprehensive immigration reform is at stalemate, the Obama Administration has transformed into a deportation machine in an effort to posture increased border security. Deportations are inhumane and continue to destroy the immigrant community by tearing apart our families. The record-breaking 2 million deportations within the short 5-year presidency have earned President Obama the title of “Deporter-in-Chief”.  Deportation is not just a Latino issue-- 250,000 Asian-American immigrants have already been deported under the Obama Administration.  While 205,000 parents of US citizen children have been deported. Everyday 1,100 people are deported and children are growing up without their parents. The suffering and pain that separated families face is nonsensical and can be prevented. 

Furthermore, the fight for comprehensive immigration reform goes beyond the current Congressional gridlock. Proposed legislations continue to emphasize on labor exigencies and border security rather than family unification. We need humane immigration reform but we can’t wait since deportations are happening EVERY DAY-- our families, friends, communities are being torn apart and living in fear. We have to act immediately to stop the egregious human rights travesty that is deportation despite the political back and forth dealing with the comprehensive immigration reform bill.

We stand in solidarity with brave undocumented youth leaders to demand an end to this dark period in immigration history. As Ju Hong stated in his open letter to President Obama, “… more people are detained every single day in detention today than were detained yearly at Angel Island. You recognized Angel Island as a dark period in Chinatown's history, but you failed to recognize that more Asians and Pacific Islanders are in detention today than were in detention under the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Deferred Action for All is a step towards equality. As a community, undocumented people are also struggling to gain access to basic healthcare and are blocked out from educational and employment opportunities.  While many of us have been granted DACA, our families continue to live in limbo and fear. The lack of action from the Obama Administration puts a toll on the mental and physical health of our aging parents and compromises the overall well-being of our community.

Safety, mobility, and health are rights for all. Hold the Obama Administration accountable to the immigrant community. We demand dignity and respect for all.

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