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All food and non edible items should list the 8 major allergens including gluten.

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There is a significant rise in Food Allergies, Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance etc. When you have to live with a food allergy or auto immune disease it is very hard to shop when a lot of the 8 major allergens are in non food items consumer's buy. There is no law that states that non food products have to list ingredients or the 8 major allergens and also gluten. It is a complete burden to have to call every manufacturer before buying soap, toothpaste , arts and crafts, pull up diapers , spices and the list can go a mile long. Plus even if you do call and the manufacturer says it is safe for you due to it not containing your allergen, the manufacturer can change the ingredients at any given time with out notifying the consumer of change in ingredients. People can die if exposed to one of the major allergens if a severe allergy. Who would of thought fish oil is used in ceramic paints or gluten is in play dough. Just two examples of the hundreds I can provide. I believe everything should be labeled with the 8 major allergens including gluten. It is burdensome enough to have to endure a major allergy or suffer from a autoimmune disease that impedes so much on the quality of life of so many. At least make shopping easier in order to not only relieve the stress of so many in our community but to avoid people getting sick and/or worst ... Death ! 

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