Abolish the Death Penalty

Abolish the Death Penalty

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Arman Sahota started this petition to President of the United States and

The death penalty in America is flawed, expensive, and racist. The government has killed too many innocent people with the death penalty.

  • For every nine people executed, one person on death row has been found innocent.
  • Most of these death penalty cases are on false accusations and official misconduct is the leading cause of wrongful convictions. African Americans make up 42% of people on death row and 34% of those executed, but only 13% of the population is Black.
  • In Washington, prosecutors have found the death sentences almost three times more likely if one or more of the victims are white.
  • The death penalty is also inextricably linked to our history of slavery, lynching, and Jim Crow segregation.
  • The death penalty is very expensive. A death row sentence usually lasts about 16.3 years. With that and the execution itself, the death penalty cost more than $929,300 after the lethal injection and 16.3 years on death row. 

How can we remove the death penalty?

We should follow the same plan the state of Virginia did. Why Virginia? Because Virginia has the second-most executions in our country. Recently the state of Virginia has become the first southern state to Abolish the death penalty. They became the 23rd state to Abolish the death penalty in America. Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia, signed the bill saying,” We can't give out the ultimate punishment without being 100% sure that we're right. And we can't sentence people to that ultimate punishment knowing that the system doesn't work the same for everyone." Two inmates currently on death row in Virginia will have their death sentences commuted to life imprisonment.

How can we convert this into our federal government?

  • First, write a bill abolishing the death penalty in America.
  • Then resentence death row inmates to life imprisonment.
  • After that, transfer death row inmates to regular prisons.
  •  Finally, change the death row prisons to regular prisons.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!