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In the year of 1999, John Brooks who is now 46 years old was sentenced life in prisonment with no parole. His crime fell under the 3 strike law which states began to enact mandatory sentencing laws for repeat criminal offenders. These statues became known as when offenders committed their third offense. John Brooks committed his final third crime of UNARMED robbery on December 23, 1998. Robbery is taking someone's property without his or her consent, using force or the threat of force to intimidate the victim as you take their property. John Brooks did not used force or weapon when committing his crime only words. John Brooks has been locked up for 16 years behind a 3 strikes law. Of course he had to pay for his crime, but not the rest of his life. He hasn't killed anyone, no drug charges and no weapon charges. Just a dumb mistake that doesn't require for someone to take the rest of his life away. He has paid his debt to society and now it is time for him to come home. 3 Strikes law was supposed to attack the number of violent criminals and drug dealings that occurred during the Regan era. Not only that It was also election time, crack cocaine was taking over, AIDs was becoming an epidemic. So they had to put something out there to make the American people trust and feel safe again. So the 3 Strikes Law was created. The Law has yet to diminish the number of violent criminals and major drug dealers since the date it was instated. Those who molest children and murders are giving sentences of 5-7 years and released back into society; and then there is the young man who stole a bike laying in the bushes and received a life sentence. The recidivism rate of those serving life for petty crimes has increased substantially. Instead this law punished those who were no real risk to the health and safety of others. I am asking all family members, friends of the family and all friends, please SIGN AND SUPPORT THIS PETITION, so that we can get your signatures. There is too many of our family locked up for long periods of time for no reason. He is the strongest person we know to be in the situation he is in. After all the only person he hurt, was himself. He is a good, kind hearted, educated, son, brother, uncle, nephew, father, and a man who is not asking for a handout, He just wants your signature so he can be given a chance to prove he can be a benefit and upstanding member of society. REMEMBER A 2ND CHANCE IS WORTH MORE THAN A 3RD STRIKE ! Sincerely his family and mother of his daughter. 2500 SIGNATURES IS NEEDED, the more the better ! *Message from John Brooks.... I, John Brooks, currently incarcerated with the Virginia Department of corrections and housed in Sussex II State Prison, 24427 Musselwhite Drive, Waverly, VA 23891, give honor and glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for having carried me through over the years and blessing me with a church family that has forgiven me for my faults, even as he has done us all. For the last decade I have been paying my debt to society for my crime. I dont come before you as one who is seeking to avoid the consequences of his actions. I accept full responsibility for what I have done and I am asking for a second chance to prove I have better myself. Therefore if through His mercy and grace my fellow Believers in the Lord can find it in their hearts to support me and my family in our endeavors to seek a second chance at life, in the pages that follow are places where you can sign indicating your support. By signing the petition, you will not only be indicating your support, but also your forgiveness as a community and willingness to receive me again. I thank the Lord for you all and pray that He will continue to bless us and keep us all in His loving care. Peace and Blessings. By my own hands, In His Grip -John Brooks

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