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A Decrease in School Shootings Through Increased Checks before the Purchase of Any Gun

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America has the most mass shootings than any other country in the world. While these shootings may happen due to bullying, mental disorders, misdiagnosed mental disorders, etc. a main factor is the legal purchase of not just a gun, but an automatic assault rifle, by someone who is not fit to own one. Donald Trump, the president of the United States may be tweeting his condolences about the most recent school shooting in Florida (February 14, 2018) but meanwhile he is doing nothing to promote real change. He is public in defending the 2nd Amendment, or the right to bear arms, and is clear that he doesn't really want to reform anything regarding gun control, despite the 19 mass shootings that have already happened two months into 2018. I started this petition because without the voices of the citizens of the United States, nothing will happen. We need to change these laws, and it is clear that the Trump administration won't act on it without the urgency of the masses. AR-15's should not be sold to those with mental disorders and the intention to hurt those innocent. The only way to know for sure, who you are selling a semi-automatic gun to is through insistent background checks, a set limit on the amount of bullets/ammunition you can purchase, as well as other regulations that need to be put in place. It is time to change these laws and legislatures, innocent men, women, children going to work, to school, to church, to college, should not be shot at and killed. So, please help me in aiding a change in America, we need all the help we can get. 

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