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FORMAL PETITION: Considering that on April the 6th of this year, an atrocious act, led by the mayor, the director of Municipal Justice and other municipal authorities of Roatán,  took place  against  one of the most famous attractions in the Caribbean known as LITTLE FRENCH KEY or FRENCHYS 44, where municipal employees backed up by National Police and Military, these authorities counting on a court order, broke into private property, forcing the entrance to the complex and destroying thousands of dollars in investment oriented to the conservation of natural fauna.  

THEREFORE: We formally come to  the honorable president of the Republic to order the mayor of Roatán a restitution of the total right of the Little French Key complex and to present an apologize to the owner and to all the foreigners who had invested in our beautiful island, and also, to commit to not continue to coerce the  investment for his own purposes.