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Implementation of chair drawers at every school for every students

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The chair drawer is an advantage for every students and also for teachers. We all know a student bag is not adequate enough to insert all books, notebooks and other school things that the teacher requires in their respective subjects.Other than that, most of the students is having difficulties in carrying their heavy bags frequently. Scientifically, carrying heavy backpacks may cause spinal cord dislocation and knee joint damage. What shall we do? What actions do we have to take? Since we do not afford to rent or to have lockers unlike on some countries, and we do not have a sufficient space to install lockers, But, there is another solution like chair drawers. Applying the chairs with drawer underneath in every schools will really help learners to resolve their difficulties in bringing necessary things at school. Another advantage is, The teacher can really assure that their students have brought their books. They can also expect that the student have their books everyday. The chair drawer has a lot to do in every students lives. For you to be easily understand, Here are the following benefits of a chair with a drawer underneath :

  • It makes the transportation of all the students who has a far houses to their school comfortable especially when they are taking a ride at public transportation because they only carry light bags.
  • Chairs provides at students a place to their own.
  • Students can store books, Notebooks and other necessary things at chair drawers.
  • Their bags will be adequate enough in carrying such things.
  • The school life will be easier for students.

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