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Stop religious noise pollution in Colombo

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Noise pollution is very real in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Whether it's from vehicles, ice cream vendors, or from religious institutions. The religious aspect of it is very new. Started a few years ago and it's becoming increasingly present and louder on some days. What most parents from any religion in Sri Lanka does NOT understand is the impact that prolonged exposure to noise levels exceeding 75dB and on repetition for 3 hours or more can have serious negative impact on a child's development. It has been proven to cause violent outcomes and learning disabilities. It is a basic human fundamental right of a citizen of Sri Lanka to enjoy their right of property, where a person can enjoy peace and quiet. It would be in the best interest of all people of Sri Lanka that we find a solution where everyone despite religion should STOP using PA systems to impose upon each other. Where does it stop? 24 hours of chanting at damaging decibel range? An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind... 

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