Save the Bulls from Bullfighting (Salva a Los Toros de las corridas de Toros)

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Save the bulls from bullfighting, bulls have emotions too, after the fights they are traumatized when pulled into the arena, and they are eaten by anyone who wants to consume the "Winning Bull". We are trying to stop this from happening and end Bullfighting all together. We are committed and will not stop until bullfighting and eating the bull becomes as reputable as eating a Spanish Imperial Eagle, or a Bald Eagle in the U.S.A. The bulls are tortured and brutally killed, this is not okay because no animal should have to endure this TORTURE this is NOT OKAY, how would you feel if your beagle or your golden retriever was taken, and beaten, and bruised and later eaten after they were cheered on by a crowd of people who are rooting for their

D E A T H?? The bulls are scared and that's why they attack their matadors, simply for defense. If there was an intruder in YOUR house you have the right under the Second Amendment to attack them, for self-defense, he is simply what the bull is trying to do; protect themselves.