Scrap requirement of government permit to distribute food to hungry people during lockdown

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Due to the national lockdown imposed by government, millions of South Africans cannot work and have little to no money to feed their families and loved ones. 

According to a recent survey by the Human Sciences Research Council, over 20% of South Africans have no money for food. It is hunger and desperation that leads to poor South Africans being left with the choice between dying from COVID-19 or dying from hunger.

It can never be acceptable for South Africans to go hungry. A worrying trend has developed over the past days in which organizations have claimed their applications for permits to distribute food parcels have been frustrated and delayed by government.

This means the pressing need to feed our fellow citizens is being held back by administrative ineffectiveness. Moreover, it appears government is intent oncentralizing the distribution of food to those in need.

Therefore, as South Africans, we appeal to President Ramaphosa and the SA government to urgently intervene in this matter.

We call for the scrapping of the requirement of a permit from government to be able to feed hungry South Africans. Government is not the ultimate provider and protector of all citizens. 

During this crisis and time of need, it’s time for government to trust its own citizens to provide relief and to partner with government.