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Lift the ban on broadcast the BBC Greatlakes in Rwanda

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On 1st June 2015, The Rwandan government decided to ban permanently the broadcast of the BBC Great Lakes Services also known as BBC Gahuza in Rwanda through FM waves.

This decision was reached as result of complaint of the Rwandan government to the BBC for making a documentary ‘Rwanda Untold Story’’ that questioned some of the government narrative of what happened during the Genocide in 1994, and the documentary featured some of the known opponents of the government.

BBC Great Lakes Services broadcasting has been for more than 2 decades the most popular radio for Rwandans, on which they gained important and credible information about national and international affairs as well as important advice and guidance on issues of health.

BBC Great Lakes Services also became an important tool that enabled Rwandan to learn and develop their knowledge on issues of peace, reconciliations, freedom and democracy through various programmes, debates and interviews of people from all work of lives.

BBC Great Lakes Services gained its reputation since it started over 20 years ago, when it was initially used to reunite children who have been separated from their families during the genocide in Rwanda.

The recent decision to ban it in Rwanda has been devastating to many Rwandans who have considered that service as their companion in life that develops their knowledge, awareness, and information in various areas that are important in their lives.

Despite that there are other many radios that broadcast in Rwanda, BBC Great Lakes Services had a unique ability to bring international prospective of the local and national affairs that undoubtedly enriched listener’s knowledge, awareness and learning.

The signatory of this petition request:

The president of the Republic of Rwanda the following:

  • To allow BBC Great Lakes Services to broadcast again in Rwanda and recognise its importance to the Rwandan community.
  • To understand the importance and contribution of BBC Great Lakes Services has had and has made to lives of Rwandan people.

 To the British Prime Minister of the United Kingdom:

  • To demand the Rwandan government to allow BBC Great Lakes Services to broadcast again in Rwanda in FM waves so that it can reach to the wider populations.
  • To keep supporting and funding the functioning of the BBC Great Lakes Services.

Prudentienne Seward

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