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Divide Punjab Province into at least 6 Provinces

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Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan with an estimated 101.4 million population as of 2015 estimates. Due to such a huge ever growing population, it has become a management nightmare because of unjust division of resources, budget and development programmes. It has created a sense of deprivation in poverty struck southern punjab where standard of life is very low due to inattention of governments over the past decades.   

With such a huge population it is sometimes termed as a country within a country due to the administrative challenges and influence on federal government. In order to address the problem, Saraiki Sooba (Province) and Hazara Sooba (Province) movements had taken force force in past, however they were only successful in temporary allocation of development funds for the areas but no autonomy. Principally, the people of Saraiki belt, Hazara areas, and the areas of rest of Punjab should have autonomy and should not be dependent on Lahore (provincial capital where all the power lies practically).


Punjab has 36 districts and 9 divisions at current (given below), in order to provide autonomy, control and better administration of the province, it should be divided to 6 to 9 provinces so that these new provinces can take care of their development, basic infrastructure, health, education and other policies on their own. Also this will help new provinces in getting their fates in their own hand under the federal government, and that they will not have to face bureaucratic hierarchical complexities of current provincial capital (Lahore).

  1. Bahawalpur
  2. Dera Ghazi Khan
  3. Faisalabad
  4. Gujranwala
  5. Lahore
  6. Multan
  7. Rawalpindi
  8. Sahiwal
  9. Sargodha

This solution has been time tested in developed European countries for decades where provinces have a lot of control and autonomy over basic resources they own. In order to strengthen the democratic processes in their true sense, the devolution of power in necessary. Not only this will move the centre of political power away from Lahore (sometimes called as The Throne of Lahore), but it will also create a healthy competitive environment for new provinces to create more business and development friendly markets. This will also give force to Saraiki Sooba (Province) and Hazara Sooba (Province) movements.


Newly created provinces will have a more cohesive environment with parliamentary representation more responsible, answerable, interactive and connected to the local communities. Because of the reduction in bureaucratic complexities, it will be easier for communities to participate in the democratic, development and social processes. Citizens will have more involved and active role in shaping the policies in their localities according to their regional norms, needs and wishes.

The political landscape and the dynamics of of whole country will be reformed, because Throne of Lahore will not be powerful anymore and the political parties of Pakistan will need to strengthen their presence, effectiveness and connectedness with public in whole of Punjab at lower level instead of just focusing on Lahore. Public will be able to communicate with their leaders better and vice versa, and the MPs (MPAs and MNAs) will be more aware of the needs, wishes and state of the people in their constituencies.

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