Allow International Marist Students to Stay on Campus

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Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, 150 Marist students who were not capable of returning home were allowed to remain on campus. As of today, March 25, 2020, Marist has given these students two days to pack up their belongings and leave the campus. Not only is this an unbelievably insufficient amount of time to give students to pack up their lives here and leave campus, but Marist is failing to recognize that many of these students may not be financially able to leave campus and live on their own or even have a home to go. With the number of countries enacting travel bans increasing, students financially able to leave still may be unable to travel to their homes. In special cases where students can travel home, their countries are requiring testing for COVID-19. However, not only are tests limited, but they are expensive and are not in centralized locations easily accessible to students. Marist has assured those living on campus that they will be escorted off of campus if they do not comply. If a student has nowhere to go where will they stay? If a student doesn't have money for food how will they eat? How will they be able to attend online classes that begin on Monday? Asking these students to leave campus is not only going to be emotionally and mentally taxing, but it will also take a toll on their studies and their academic life. The administration is claiming that this decision is in the best interest of students and staff, but leaving the students with nowhere to go and no resources available is clearly not in anyone’s best interest. It goes to show that Marist will happily take tuition money FOR HOUSING of their students while leaving them homeless. Please sign this petition so we can reach out to President Murray saying that you do not stand for what is happening to our fellow Marist foxes!!

If you are currently living on campus and need help please contact Roda Mohammed (