Uphold SHARK FISHING BAN (Maldives Fisheries)

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Victory! Ministry of Fisheries, Maldives: Will NOT be lifting the ban on Shark Fishing

Today, 20th April 2021 around 2:40pm(Maldives Time) we received an official media statement from the Maldives Fisheries Ministry Twitter page (above is the link to page). We have received the proper clarification that we have been seeking; they will NOT be lifting the ban on shark fishing as stated "... The Ministry of Fisheries, Marine Resources and Agriculture does not intend to permit a targeted shark fishery in the Maldives. ...The Ministry recognizes the important role the sharks play in maintaining healthy ocean ecosystems, and we assure the public that we remain committed to ensuring that our marine resources are utilized sustainably and managed responsibly." The Maldives ecosystem, sharks and our one ocean thanks you, each an everyone who have signed, shared, supported this journey in anyway that their time allowed them. This is a great start towards addressing and improving the aspects of Maldives Fisheries. Looking forward to open conversations and collaborations.

Zaya Hassan
1 year ago