``Speak publicly for respect and stronger protections for critical ecosystems in Africa``

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Dear Sir,                                                                                                             A bauxite mine in Atewa forest in Ghana,a dam in Selous Reserve in Tanzania,a dam on Murchison Falls in Uganda,oil exploitation rights in Zaire overlapping with Nouabale-ndoki protected area and the Curvette Centrale  forest and within Virunga National Park,the Kukutamba dam project in Guinea.Clear examples of the false dilemma Africa faces:development versus ecosystem protection. But the real dilemma is ecosystem protection versus hunger,lost opportunities and loss of national independence.                                                                                 Commodities` extraction and infrastructure projects many African nations are undertaking with the best of intentions are or will ruin precious ecosystems on which millions if Africans rely and which are the true gems of the continent and of the whole planet.Short term benefits MUST not lead to solutions which are harmful for the social and ecological fabric of the continent.You are very well informed-I humbly believe-to speak out against this misguided development policies and against the projects I have mentioned in the beginning.And African nations can use solar power,they can promote ecosystem protection for boosting their agriculture and with certain development goals.Voices like yours can engage international donors,campaigners and investments in the preservation of these ecosystems and- MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL-engage with the local communities for these efforts.                                                                                                                                       Now that ecosystem restoration is promoted by the UN and African nations increasingly adopt solutions for preserving nature,in the midst of the sixth extinction ,there is no need for destroying landmark ecosystems like the ones I mentioned above.A new trend must take hold-there is no need for every development effort in Africa to be an ecological disaster-oil companies don`t need to drill within or near precious ecosystems for these nations to have revenues.I understand their need to lift their people out of poverty,but repeating our past mistakes will not help them.In the end it will only cause loss of independence,social inequality,land erosion, more poverty and loss of biodiversity.                                                                             Ending I would like to thank you for receiving and reading my petition.