Stop Olympic games Tokyo 2020 right now! ~2020年東京オリンピックを 今すぐ中止してください!~

Stop Olympic games Tokyo 2020 right now! ~2020年東京オリンピックを 今すぐ中止してください!~

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福島にフタするな! 五輪中止を求める会 started this petition to President of IOC Thomas Bach and

Fukushima nuclear accident on 11th March 2011 is still on going.

Nobody has gone near melted down nuclear fuels.

Large amount of water has been produced for cooling down the debris of nuclear fuels.

The number of children who have thyroid cancer or possibility of thyroid cancer is 236 at least in Fukushima. The patients of cancer are increasing.



Tokyo where is only 200km apart from Fukushima is contaminated by radioactive pollution too.

We measured amount of radiation 14 points around Olympic venue on 6th May 2019.(See picture)  The amounts are well over 0.04μ㏜/h —natural radiation in Japan authorized by the Japanese government— for the most part.

And they are over international radiation limit 1mSv/year(0.114μ㏜/h) in some place.



Japanese prime minister Sinzo Abe spoke “Some may have concerns about Fukushima. Let me assure you, the situation is under control. It has never done and will never do any damage to Tokyo.”  in him presentation at the session of IOC for inviting 2020 Olympics.

But it’s a downright lie.

Japanese government calls the Tokyo 2020 Olympics “Reconstruction Olympics”, and pretends that no influence of the nuclear accident remains in Japan .

But, in fuct Tokyo Olympics impedes the work of reconstruction at Fukushima.

安倍晋三首相は、オリンピック招致に当たり「原発事故の影響はコントロールされている」とスピーチしましたが、真っ赤な嘘です。日本政府は、『復興五輪』を掲げることによって、原発事故が収束していると、国民、そして世界の人々に印象付けたいのです。  しかし、東京オリンピックは、現実には福島の復興作業を阻害しています。


There are so many other lies and contradictions in Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The best example of them is a suspicion of the bribery by the Tokyo inviting committee of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games.

The president of Brazil Olympic Committee was arrested after Rio Olympics. Because he mediated two million dollars bribery to the son of a member of IOC.

Tokyo inviting committee remitted equivalent money to the same man.

This problem has be investigated by French judicial authorities now. It is apparent to everyone that the money was bribery.

この他にも、東京オリンピックには、多くの嘘と矛盾が隠されています。最たる例が、五輪招致委員会による贈賄疑惑です。リオ五輪を巡って、IOC委員(当時)の息子への約200万ドルの賄賂を仲介したとして、2017年にブラジルオリンピック委員会の会長が逮捕されました。 東京の招致委員会は、同じIOC委員の息子に対し、同じ約200万ドルを支払っています。現在フランス司法当局が捜査中ですが、賄賂があったことは誰の目にも明らかです。


Tokyo Metropolis and TOCOG say “Athlete First”, but it’s also a lie.

Why are Tokyo 2020 Olympics opened in the most hot season? It’s a convenience of American TV stations.

The precipitation in Tokyo is the most of host city of summer Olympics in last 30 years. The temperature of night in Tokyo is the most, too.

WBGT, an index of danger of heatstroke will be “34” in Tokyo at summer of 2020. But, in general, when WBGT reach “31”, you shouldn’t exercise outdoors.

So many players and spectators will be in danger of losing their lives because TOCOG has not been considering any effective countermeasure.



A big public housing with many habitants was ejected from the park for construction of Olympic Stadium. Many homeless people were ejected violently, too.

Many trees have been cut down on the roadsides and parks.

Tsukiji fish market was broken up for Olympics. Other many traditional cityscapes, small parks and others have been transfigured huge commercial facilities and skyscrapers.

Buy the way, an environmental organization points out that timbers cut out illegally used to constructions of Olympics stadiums.



We lose big sum of tax for Olympics. But Olympics have bad effects on our life and economy.

Olympics is almost disaster for us.

We insist on cancellation of Tokyo 2020 Olympic games !!




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