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Award Bharat Ratna for Sri Shivakumara Swamiji untiringly serving mankind at 110 years age

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Bharat Ratna for this Super Centenarian for his untiring service to mankind.

A living being at 110 years of age who should be relaxed and resting, instead walks up and enters his office by 6.30 am every morning to perform his duty. His duty towards mankind.

This unique human being who is respectfully addressed as "the walking God" is Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Swamiji of Sri Siddhaganga Matt, Tumkur Dist, Karnataka State. He will be turnning 110 years on 01 Apr 2017 and still going strong in his service to mankind.

He has been doing this for almost 3/4th of a century, since 1940, relentlessly without any expectations, providing education to the underprivileged. Empowering them and presenting lakhs of responsible citizen to the nation and the society. Some of them who have gone on to become accomplished individuals in all walks of life.

A very unselfish untiring service to the Society and the Nation without any expectation has been his core strength. Serving at this age is something extra ordinary maintaining the zeal and energy and being a unique example to the mankind going beyond national or continental boundaries.

Every human irrespective of any kind of boundaries has a reason to feel proud about this marathon service and endurance shown in service to mankind. A great example and worth emulating by all of us.

This pride can be expressed by the Nation by recognising the service and suitably rewarding the same at the right time and not later. 01 Apr 2010 being the 110th birthday seems the most appropriate time.

Take some time off to read the citation below:


From the day His Holiness Sree Sree Shivakumara Swamiji was initiated into holy order in 1930 and he took full responsibility of the mutt in the year 1941, since then he has been serving the humanity without a break. His services have gone beyond all boundaries and are unbiased.

In full 75+ years of service till date, each day he steps into his Karma-Bhoomi (office) by 6.30AM to render his untiring, unselfish and unabated service to mankind. He is comfortable working 18 hours a day and each day without a break or any reward. Sleeps for 3 hours rest hours spends in the service of mankind.

His services have helped give the Nation millions of responsible and accomplished citizen. Uplifting the downtrodden, empowering them and providing a platform for their progress, ultimately resulting in Nation building has been his life’s mantra for decades.

This has made the people reverently refer to him and address as “Nadedaduva Devaru” meaning “the Walking God” or “the Living God”.

Under his able guidance and committed work culture the old time traditional “Guru Kul” has turned into a hub and umbrella of modern educational institutions of global standards with traditional Indian values. The institutions range from kindergarten and goes all the way up to Engineering, management, education, law schools etc. There are special schools for teaching Sanskrit, ones for physically and visually challenged also operate under this umbrella.                        

His service has gone beyond the boundaries of religion, caste and creed, age, economics etc. Old or young, rich or poor powerful or powerless each look up to him with adulation and awe as to how can someone be serving so vehemently at this “Super-centenarian” age!!!

Considering his selfless longstanding sincere service to the society at such an age parallels or could even exceed that of Nobel laureate Mother Teresa, a Recipient of Bharat Ratna.  It calls for the Nation to honor his services with the highest available option. This honor and recognition is not just a reward but also would help position him as a National role model for service.

His untiring approach to serve the mankind without any expectations, the discipline in his life and functioning and unstoppable attitude at such Super-centenarian age is highly commendable and worthy of emulating by even people half his age. He is not only a role model for everyone when it comes to service to society but has been a great asset to the Nation. The service rendered by him have contributed tremendously towards education at all levels, uplifting of the poor and down trodden, building better society and the Nation. All this calls for a recognition and reward of highest denomination by the Nation. All this will not just be a reward of his most deserving service but also help showcase and motivate many more to rise to this extraordinary benchmark of service. We, the Indians recognize and respect the Grand Seer’s services to mankind, Society and the Nation.

Our Plea

On 01st Apr 2017 His Holiness will turn 110 years, a Super-centenarian and still un-retired and serving. In view of all this following is proposed as a recognition and reward for His Holiness:

  1. Confer on him the award of Bharat Ratna, while still actively serving.
  2. Release special coins of Rs 100 and Rs 10 with His and Mutt’s image honoring his service at 110 years. Rarest instance where a Super-centenarian is actively serving.
  3. Release set of Postal Stamps and First Day covers in His name and the institution he heads – “Sri Siddaganga Mutt (Kshetra)”. 

Today: is counting on you SH needs your help with “President of India with recommendation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Government of India: Award Bharat Ratna for Sri Shivakumara Swamiji untiringly serving mankind at 110 years age”. Join and 7 supporters today.