WE wish to pressurize the government to withdraw foisted cases against Anand Teltumbde

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We, the undersigned, strongly condemns that attitude of Maharashtra as well as Union Government of unleashing reign of terror on several intellectuals. Prof. Anand Teltumbde, a senior professor at Goa Institute of Management. Tis is done on pretext of some conspiracy during a function at Bheema Koregoan. Every New Year’s Day, lakhs of Dalits gather at Bhima Koregoan, a village near Pune, to commemorate the 1818 victory of a ragtag group of lower-caste Mahar soldiers in the British Army over the vastly superior forces of the Brahmin Peshwa-led Maratha Empire. Dalits mark the battle as the first major step in their continuing struggle against caste-based discrimination. Last year, on the 200th anniversary of the battle, the event was marred by caste clashes.

Professor Teltumbde is not only a senior professor but also an activist. He is general secretary of Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights and a presidium member of All India Forum for Right to education. His intellectual contribution in forms of books, articles and lectures is valuable.

The FIR filed against him is frivolous and has no sound basis. Evidences are cooked up and arguments are unfounded. The intention of government is clear- curb the voice of dissent.

The impending arrest of him is attack on his right as a citizen of this country. We request you to intervene immediately and prevail upon the government to withdraw the false cases against him.