We want the political parties to respect people’s mandate in Maharashtra

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In the recently held Assembly election in Maharashtra those who voted the prepoll alliance of BJP and Shiv Sena, wanted a BJP Shiv Sena government, and gave them a comfortable majority. As the seats were shared, we voted for the alliance irrespective of whether it was a BJP or Shiv Sena candidate. Many BJP supporters were compelled to vote for the Shiv Sena, due to the seat sharing pre-poll alliance. 

We feel cheated when the Shiv Sena party broke the alliance for purely personal gains, without any respect for the MAJORITY mandate and joined Congress and NCP party MLAs to grab power.

A Shiv Sena (with NCP and Congress) alliance disrespects the majority mandate of the people of Maharashtra. This is not a democracy. This is a government of convenience. If such a government is allowed to be formed against the wishes of the majority mandate of the people, we the electorate will lose faith in our democracy, and future elections.  

My request therefore to the President of India and the Governor of Maharashtra, is not to allow such a government formation, and call for a mid term election.