Please avoid the use of caste in illegal activities and for saving the criminals.

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The President, INDIA.

Dear Sir,

 This is in reference to Cr. No. 0537/2017 registered at Gachibowli police station, Hyderabad, Telangana.

 The issue is of having illegal sexual relations between a faculty and technical staff(Sandhya) of university of Hyderabad. When they are expanding their group of supporters for their illegal relation, my supervisor(James Raju) joined with them while a job for sudheendran in consent. Sudheendran basically from physics background and needs electronics related work to get a job in CASEST. Hence me and my work has been used in that process. The issue has been for 4 year and after not having satisfactory output from MHRD(CPGRAMS), I reached the police assistance in this.

 Where, I was asked to visit the station to register my case on 12.09.2017, instead of registering my case, they gave me a notice relating cr no 0371/2017. They changed their mind in less than 30 min and prepared 0371/2017 in an hour time. My case was registered after a month of struggle on 07.10.2017 chandrakanth as investigation officer. After a month they issued me 160 CrPC and asked me to meet ACP madhapur for verifying evidences. Recently, I got a call from Revenue inspector in regard to verifying my caste. ACP, Madhapur was not reachable at all and taking their own time for investigation and its a purposeful delay. I met Commissioner of Police, cyberabad in this regard and no hopes in speeding up the investigation. All this was planned well before registering the FIR 0537/2017.

The problem started from illegal sexual relations and providing jobs for supporters. When a person is struggling in such circumstances and trying to get justice from law, how long the process be delayed with POA(Prevention of Atrocities) act and its process on purpose. I know clearly that, they have been provoking me by caste and so on to escape from the illegal sexual relations, because POA cases can be ignored, delayed and no one cares about them. The sufferer gets more trouble with POA and are being used purposefully in every illegal instance. When a criminal wants to escape, provoke based on caste, book POA and then his chapter is over in POA process for ever. When this investigation will be over and the court will have look in to this matter.

Hence, I request to president of India to look in to this matter, so that FIR's under POA can no longer be used for such illegal activities or delayed, where victim will be free from further damage(Personally and professionally). OR can be removed, so that no one can use these for illegal activities.

One more case (0015/2018) registered against me for raising this petition. I think they are registering cases against me to save the accused in 0537/2017 in my absence only and may the reason for delaying the investigation of 0537/2017.

Cases Registered against me 

0371/2017 u/s 506 on 21 July 2017

0015/2018 u/s 506 on 08 jan 2018

Why two cases on same person for same crime, when the first crime is still pending?

There is something really wrong with the Police department as the case 0537/2017 is taken a month for editing and registering by CH Ramaiah of Gachibowli PS and now they themselves come with a statement "mistaken act of law" in a notice served on 5/5/2018 and got it signed by me and put the date as 05/04/2018 mistakenly by me as per the handing person instruction in hurry. Which may be used for their advantage. Janaki(dcp crimes) is an alumni of UoH, has been doing this with the support of Prakash babu pranithi(uoh) and apparao(VC). She has been playing with the people and supporters are ch. ramaiah(Gachibowli PS) and Ramulu(ACP Office). This is all done without the knowledge of ACP Madhapur.

It is confirmed that rohit death is a trap set by prakash babu pranithi, suresh jaganatham and so on. Now they are working to develop and protect the group. Hence the trouble for me through barilang mawlong, where she has been protected by her friends as well as prakash babu(Racism). Where apparao is a dummy VC for university. Even james and rajaram are with prakash babu group.

Now one can understand, how the illicits are entertained and dumped into the account of apparao as planned.

Some of the police people are also in this group and working hard to defend prakash babu from the crime committed in rohit issue. 

Those who know this are being eliminated by whatever means they can get. FIRs are pouring on me.

Thanking you advance

Lakshmi Narayana G

Mobile: +91-9885244488



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