The Great Bank Robbery

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Hon’ble President of India
Hon’ble Supreme Court of India
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India
(Largest Scam in the Indian History)
Subject Matter : (i) Rampant Corruption, Fraud, Malfeasance, Broad Day Plundering, Loot,
Willful Default, Misappropriation of Public Money worth multi crores of Rupees at the time of
Advances / disbursement of loans / deliberately flouted the guidelines of RBI by misuse of their
official powers by the concerned corrupt officials of Public Sector Banks / Financial Institutions
inconnivance with Sr. officials i.e. RM, ZM, GM, ED, CMD, Board of Directors (with specific name)
(appx. 26% Advances are converted into bad-debts) by way of illegal gratification from the
concerned Borrowers / Finance Mafia (with specific charges).
(ii) CBI deliberately flouted the direction of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, dt. 10-08-2000 in
the Writ Petition (Criminal) No. 712/2000 and did not take any action even registered cases
after the lapse of 5-8-12-17- years against the specific mentioned corrupt sr. officials & others as
well as borrowers.
(iii) CBI, CVC, RBI, SS(B), MoF, MoH, is deliberately shielding the corrupt sr. officials of Public
Sector Banks / Financial Institutions as well as borrowers.
(iv) Wrong, Contradictory & uncomplete replies submitted by UOI & RBI in the Hon’ble High
Court of Delhi, dt. 16-10-2000 in the Writ Petition (criminal) No. 712/2000.
(v) PSB deliberately did not submit the reply in the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, dt. 16-10-2000
in the Writ Petition (criminal) No. 712/2000.
(vi) Neither any ACTION against the concerned Senior officials or borrowers Nor any
RECOVERY under the Securitisation & Reconstruction of Financial Assests & Enforcement of
Security Interest Act 2002.
(vii) Assets Disproportionate to their known source of income such all the concerned corrupt
officials as well as borrowers with specific charges by name.
(viii) Uncalled Harassment by the concerned sr. corrupt officials & his associates (by name)
threat / filling bougs cases including filed a defemation suit of Rs. Fifty Lac, Dec. 1999, in the
Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, after the laps of seven years the case withdrawn on March 2006.

(ix) Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, Writ Petition (Crl.) No. 712/2000, dismissed for filed in Apex
Court dt. 16-04-2001, on the basis of petitioner, The petitioner counsel is deliberately not
appeared in the court., *without counsel, *without providing the status report by respondent no.
2, (CBI), *without reply submit by respondent no. 5 (Bank), *without providing a copy of the
writ petition (civil) no. 291/1999, which is pending in Apex Court by respondent no. 1 & 3 (UOI
& RBI), * without annexures providing by respondent no. 1 (UOI), * without Arguments
*without proving that both petitions are similar or not, (Different subject matter), *without
completeing the entire proceedings, the petition was dismissed on the basis of petitioner for
filling in Apex Court. No body be allowed to disobey or defy the orders of any Courts of Law in
India including CBI.
(x) Public loosing confidence in the Indian Judiciary.
(xi) Writ Petition (Crl.) No. 208/2000, dt. 06-01-2003, in the full bench headed by CJI, Hon’ble
Supreme Court of India passed the following order as under :
“In the present case, we do not find any fundamental right of the petitioner being infringed. This
writ petition is therefore, dismissed. However, it is open to the petitioner to move before the
appropriate court.”
filed by Virender Nagpal, In-person, President, Social Reform Welfare Association.
*without hearing, *without legally opinion, *without Solicitor General of India, (deliberately not
appeared) *without petitioner’s counsel, (Civil), (deliberately not appeared), *without sent the
office order by Jt. Registrar, (deliberately not sent), *clubbed with writ petition (Civil) no.
291/1999, *different subject matter, *specific charges, *number of cases Registered by CBI,
(a) The Review Petition No. 482/2003 was also dismissed on 22-04-2003, without hearing by
Apex Court in their chambers.
(xii) That on 26-01-2004, Memorundum given to the Hon’ble President of India for appropriate
(xiii) (a) Punjab & Sind Bank (b) Ministry of Finance, Special Secretary (Banking), (c) RBI, (d)
Secretary (Law), deliberately did not provide the status Report, despite the order No. Public
Section-I, No. PI/A-43156, PI/B-221618, PI-C86919 dt. 04-02-2004, 05-03-2004, 20-12-2004,
by the secretary of Hon’ble President of India.
(b) Punjab & Sind Bank (b) Ministry of Finance, Special Secretary (Banking), (c) RBI, (d)
Secretary (Law), (e) CVC, (f) CBI, (g) MCD, (h) CBDT, (i) Delhi Police, deliberately did not
provide the status Report, under the Right to Information Act 2005.
(xiv) What stps are taken by the UOI for further prevention of banking frauds.
(xv) The CBI, deliberately did not provide the status Report, under the Right to Information Act
2005 despite the order of Central Information Commissioner, dt. 02-09-2009, vide Diary No.
DIC/WB/A/2008/00647 dt. 13-03-2008, 23-04-2008, 05-09-2008,
(xvi) Public Sector Banks / Financial Institutions, RBI, MCD, Delhi Police, NHRC, Chief
Commissioner Income Tax, CBDT, Directorate of Enforcement, CVC, MoF (SS-B), CBI, PM, MoH,
MoF, Cabinet Secretary, POI, CIC, HC, SC, CBI-Courts, failed to taken any action against Sr. Officials or Borrowers or Nor any Recovered the amount (after the lapses of 8-12-14-17-26 yrs.
Fraud, Black Money, Share Scam, Chit Fund Scam, Co-operative Bank Scam, Unit Linked Scam, by
Insurance Companies, Infrastructrure Scam, (real estate), ATM, Dr./Cr., card online fraud, etc.
(xvii) Due to non-action, Corruption is increasing day-by-day, moral of the corrupt officials or
Borrowers are very high. On the other hand innocent farmer’s suicide on the petty amount Govt.
Silent ?
(xviii) The flow of Indian Economy is getting slow down day by day.
(xix) No collection, No aid from Central or State Govt. No funding from NRI/MNC or Foreign.
(xx) Those who are interested action / Recovery against corrupt officials or borrowers, they are
calling Blackmailers, On the other hand those complaintants are not persue the complaints,
taking the bribe, they are the honest man.
(xxi) Where mone has gone ? PM/FM/HM/RBI/CBI/CVC/ Silent ?
(xxii) If thousand crores of rupees gifted to te few companies then it is a more serious scam than
share scam.
(xxiii) How can one company withdraw multi crores of rupees from different banks in the
different names ?
(xxiv) “Freedom is when, the people speak”, Democracy is when, the Government Listen.
(xxv)After 2009, UOI withdraw the CBI from RTI.
(xxvi) Why double standard of Law ?
Worked on 26 Burning Issues in the larger Public as well as National Interest.
1. Accountability be fixed of the corrupt Public Servants, within specified time with
Action & Recovery.
2. Adulteration
3. Awareness of Indian Constitution / Law, Policies of State / Central Govt.
4. Citizenship
5. Development
6. Electricity
7. Economy
8. Education
9. Employment
10. Financial Aid
11. Financial Scam
12. Health
13. Illegal Construction
14. Illegal Encroachment
15. Infrastructure
16. Justice

17. Law & Order
18. Non Co-ordination of Departments, Un-called harassment, Delay Tectics
19. Population
20. Pollution
21. Price control
22. Quality Control
23. Tax Single Point
24. Traffic
25. Transparency
26. Water
Keeping in view the above facts & circumstances, it is requested to your
good self kindly directions to the concerned authorities for provide the
Time Bound the status report in the larger Public as well as National
With regards
(Virender Nagpal)
Social & RTI Activist
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*Suggestions & views are welcome.