President of India Take Back Padma Sri from Ekta Kapoor

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Honourable President, We the people of India refused the apology tendered by Balaji Films Managing Director Ekta Kapoor for misrepresenting the family of an Indian Army officer and army uniform in his web series. This matter is not limited only to the insult of the army but is much bigger than that. While making full disclosure of the case, NIFAA has submitted a memorandum in the name of His Excellency the President of India Ram Nath Kovind to Deputy Commissioner Karnal Nishant Yadav with a request to take back the Padma Shri award given to Ekta Kapoor.


Culprits Ekta Kapoor, Shobhana Kapoor and the Board of Directors of ALT. Balaji Company, the director of five episodes of the web series XXX produced by Ekamkar Company, jointly promoted pornography, nudity, sexuality among the youth and minors through this web series, as well as the dignity of relationships is attacked in this web series.  Web series has done the task of playing with religious and social sentiments while mocking the established values of religion and society and this is a devious attempt to push the young generation of the country into the dark world of drugs and sex under a well thought out conspiracy. In five episodes of the XXX web series where the Indian Army's Aan Baan Shan is attacked, it is shown that when army officers stay outside, their wives have sex with other people, even wearing an army uniform and tearing it up they feel proud to have sex with other persons.   In another episode, the protagonist Rahul is shown having sex with his grandmother, mother, sister-in-law and sister, in which they have fun instead of feeling bad. In one more episode Hero is showing vulgarity between his wife and his mother-in-law with physical relationships, teacher and student in such a way as it is a part of Indian society. While stating such filth as a web series that stigmatizes the great Indian culture and civilization and tarnishes family values and dignity, a complaint has also been filed against all the culprits to local Police and a demand for arrest has been made.  This web series is encouraging youth to organize rave parties at home and openly use drugs at home, have sex with girls friends of their friends.

The episode of Web Series XXX incorrectly introduces Vipasana, a spiritual practice of Hinduism. Vipasana is an ancient practice of Indian yoga culture and Hinduism in which a person connected to Divine remembrance cleanses and cleanses his mind and body while in the episode at Vipasana center hero's parents take drugs, smoke with erotic dances that ring off the religious sentiments and beliefs of the people who are directly vilified.  A person of this Character do not deserve for one of the highest Honour of this country.


We all signatory to this petition appeal His excellency President of India to take Padma Sri given to Ekta Kapoor back immediately and restore prestige of this Award