Support Indian Army-Support AFSPA- Why soldiers are fighting for their rights

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More than 350 Army officers and soldiers filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the alleged witch hunt by agencies for carrying out duty in disturbed areas of the country. The decision to go to apex court must not have been an easy one. The immunity granted under the Armed Forces Special Protection Act has hitherto been withdrawn, exposing the armed personnel's act in extreme cases to be treated on a par with those of criminals.
Let it be very clear: Governance and maintaining order are primarily the duty of a civilian government, and Army must not have any role in that. But if Army is deployed to counter disturbances, it must have special powers to deal with those disturbing elements. The very fact that the civilian governments fail to control a situation means that existing laws are not effective enough in dealing with such a situation.
So, what is the remedy? Extraordinary situation requires extraordinary steps, and those measures must be backed by extraordinary powers as well to bring back the command of civilian laws.
Shall we throw Army in insurgency hit areas with their hands tied or allow them space to deal with any situation based on their wisdom.
The problem would not have compounded, had some human rights organisations not jumped into the rescue of militants, Maoists, and insurgents in any which form.
But where do human right organisations come into the picture? Well, they too have to earn their livelihood. So what better than make an enemy out of no one?
No denying the fact that each human must have some basic rights, but it also must be remembered that those can't be absolute. The rights to life and liberty are not absolute too. The state, from time to time, has used its lawful power to breach the individual's right to life in form of capital punishment. Why? Because the subject in all such cases posed threat to the society and the constitutional structure of India.
It would only be an insane mind that would believe that insurgents do not pose a threat to the society and constitutional structure of the country. So shall the Army try to arrest bomb-hurling and gun-wielding insurgents and be killed in the process, or kill the insurgent to save themselves and the country. Army men need to take decision in nick of time, when faced with militants, insurgents, or a hostile mob. So, should they be treated as criminals?
In the fog of war, the line between self defence and murder is often blurred. Troops risking everything and having to make split-second decisions about life and death cannot be expected to make a perfect and politically correct choice each time.
The country must learn to protect its soldiers, and I as a nationalist countryman do stand with my Army especially in difficult times when they have been abandoned by politicians, bureaucrats and even at times by their own leadership.Soldiers who fought for us without any interest are finding themselves alone. This is the time when we are supposed to stand with them. We have to decide that whom we are supporting - Our soldiers or Militants.