Stop Misuse Of the Indian Flag.

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Dear Mr President ,

To be wrapped in the National tricolour is an honour which logically is & should be related only to giving your life for the Nation and certainly not for silver screen entertainers . It is an outright insult to those who die in the line of duty fighting for the  honour of our Nation  and safety of the fellow citizens.

As the Supreme Commander of all the Armed Forces  of India , in order to save the sanctity of this honour, please stop this practise of according  this to any Padma awardees or another citizen , unless they have displayed a sense of selfless service for a cause that can be deemed at par with the sacrifice  of our bravehearts from Armed /Paramilitary/Police Forces.

For Actors you have Oscars equivalents - Phalkes and Filmfares awards.

Jai Hind.