Save and protect the ancient hindu rituals and customs of sabrimala temple, kerala,india

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Hindu Dharma is a very old religion of human race and believes in vasudaika kutumbhakam  (world is one family) and practices paramata sahanam (religious toulerense) and accepts all religious views but recently supreme court of india was misled by some people on famous sabarimala temple rituals and practiceses the main issue was ban of lady devotees of aged between 10 to 50 to enter into the temple it was a mandatory custom of the deity's nature of evolution as the Lord Sri Ayyappa swamy was a neistica bramhachary supreme court of india interfered into religious practice and banned this and hindu citizens have their primary right of practicing the religion the Constitution of india have provided rights so every hindu should stand and sign this petition to make ordinance to protect hindu practices in sabarimala