Retirement age of 60 yrs for Defence Services Officers like all other CentralGovtEmployees

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All the Central Government Employees retire at the age of 60 yrs of age, whether they make it to the top of their hierarchy or not. Only the head of the department gets an extension of 2 yrs and retires at 62 yrs of age.

However, in Defence Forces of India, if you do not get your promotions, the Officers are forced to retire early, starting at 54 yrs of age.

This is a huge discrimination when compared to other Central Government Employees. Why should the protectors of country and preservers of Peace of our Nation suffer from mental agony and financial loss?!?

The organisation will benefit from retaining skilled and experienced manpower and get better yeild and the individuals will benefit financially. Thus, if we allow and retain all Defence Forces Officers in whichever Rank and whatever portfolio they are, it will be mutually beneficial combination for both, the organisation and the individuals.

Therefore, all Defence Forces Officers should be allowed to serve till the age of 60 yrs, irrespective of their hierarchy and rank, like all other Central Government Employees.